Wednesday, November 20, 2013

European Inspired Tablescape

We just got back from a 2 week European trip at 1 AM, very early this morning. I have unpacked 3 luggage but still have 1 more to go, which is still in the car. Needless to say I am very busy and tired and then I suddenly realized it is Wednesday. I hurried up to create a tablescape for 2 (trying to save time) on the little kitchen breakfast/game table. Still inspired by all the beautiful castles and scenes in Europe, I thought I would try to create one with that theme but I have to keep it simple and fast.
 I will start with a key to unlock the castle. Yes, it is huge because the castle has gigantic doors.
The trip was very hectic. We started in Paris for 4 days, then had a long bus trip to Bernkastel, Germany, stopped and toured Luxemberg, and then boarded the Viking Prestige River cruise ship. It was raining the whole time we were in Paris which flooded the river so the ship couldn't leave. It wouldn't be able to pass through several bridges because water was too high so it was stucked in Bernkastel for 2 days. But our time was not really wasted. They took us to tour different cities in Germany by bus.

Sorry I am getting off tracked here,  I should be talking about the tablescape.
 I bought this tablecloth from Heidelberg, Germany.
 I fell in love with the beautiful linen material and the embroideries and lace borders.

My first thought was to create a Thanksgiving table but I really do not have time right now cause I like to do that on the formal dining table, so maybe next week.
Instead, I picked my Spode Byron plates that were easily accessible, sine they are displayed in the kitchen china cabinet. besides, they have fall colors and the grapevine reminds me of the vineyards in Bernkastel which were planted on the hills surrounding the ship. Take a look below, the rows of plants in varying green, brown and yellow colors are grapevines.
I started with brass plate charger with ornate edges, layered with Spode Byron dinner and salad plate and finally topped with Tirchenreuth's "The Shannon" cream soup bowls.

 I added a Spode Byron soup tureen in the centerpiece.

This is one of my favorite purchases. After a tour of Cochem, we had to go back to Bernkastel since the ship was docked there and could not leave due to high waters, so John and I strolled the market place at night and found this. We can add it to our Christmas Village later. I just love the details and the blue and white tiles.

I have had this German S& P shakers for years, since I lived in FL. It was a gift.

I could tell lions were favorites among royalties so I used my lion handled flatware. Then I added salt cellars with tiny silver spoons. I took my 2 figural silver plated napkin rings to dress up the napkins. The cherub napkin ring also doubles as a candle holder.
I found the figural napkin rings a few months ago in a local antique store here in Natchez.



 I picked 2 crystal stems that were easy to get.

 German stein S & P shakers.

  Europeans also drink strong expresso coffee in demitasse cups so I added these cute ones labeled Myott Staffordshire on the back with my small Richard Ginori teapot.
Below is the self serve coffee center in the ship, which was available 24 hours a day. We could drink as much cappuccino, latte, coffee, marchiato or expresso as we wanted.  I have never drank so much caramel marchiatos in my life, before this, lol.
I am so sorry, I have not visited you but I will try to catch up in a day or 2. Thank you so much for the comments you left on my previous tablescape post while I was away. I also appreciate your visit now and more comments.
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