Friday, September 19, 2014

First Touches of Fall in Florida Home

Awesome News! We received great results on Rea's MRI, CT and MIBG scans. We are so happy particularly on the MIBG scan report that showed it to be normal! The MIBG is a long nuclear medicine scan she had on Wednesday. They inject radioactive dye, called a tracer, then scan the entire body. Anywhere neuroblastoma is present will light up in the images. IT WAS NEGATIVE!
The notes say: “No evidence of metastatic disease at this time.” The lesion in her left knee that caused the fracture is history, and no new tumors are evident!
Since Rea is doing so well, I decided to drive to our Florida home again, which is a 2.5 hrs. away from where Rea and family lives. My other daughter lives next door and I wanted to see my other grandkids. I am only staying for the weekend because Rea's mom, Rochelle, needs me with the babies when she takes and picks up AJ, her teen-ager to and from school.

While here, I decided to decorate a little for Fall, starting with the foyer and dining room.
 I love this runner. I found it at Marshall's.

The pierced pumpkin has a light inside but it is not very bright.

 This is that long frame hanging on the wall. I don't know why but I am fascinated with doors. We found this at an art festival show in Park City, Utah. They are doors the artists took a picture of, while traveling in South America.
 I just added a white pumpkin on the foyer table. It is a lamp.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Thanks especially to the hostesses, whose memes I am linking with and I also want to thank everybody who has been praying for Rea.
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