Friday, February 27, 2015

Food Tastes Better With Polish Pottery

You did not think this was our kitchen. did you? Anyway, we sold our big china cabinet and brown round dining set that used to be here, pictures shown down below. I had this dining set sitting on the back porch all messed up from being outside and getting wet so I had to repaint and refinish it and then moved it here for us to use. I will try to sell it also before our final move.
This is the first tablescape I did here since it has been redone.
 John has been a victim of identity theft recently. We tried to file electronically through Turbo Tax last Monday and our returns were rejected because evidently, someone else had filed an income tax using John's SS number fraudulently. IRS said they were already suspicious and that they have sent us a letter (none received yet as of this date) about it but we still had to file lots of paperwork and call so many organizations to get this problem cleared and we had to file our income taxes on paper by mail. After a few days, I thought we deserved something nice for ourselves so I prepared a lobster lunch for 2. I have given all our veggies to a friend because we were supposed to drive to FL last Wed., which obviously is delayed because of this problem, so it was a simple lobster with garlic cheese toast and rice.
 I set the table using Polish Pottery which always make me happy.

 I thought that when it comes to Polish pottery, I already have everything, but to my surprise, I have no butter warmer. Do they even sell one? Anyway, I improvised! I took a small teapot warmer and placed a lidded sugar bowl on it and added calamundin and butter in it to melt. It worked!

 I bought the lobster already cooked and frozen from Walmart and they were really good and quite meaty.
 The chicken napkin ring holders were a gift from a good friend one past Christmas. Thanks, Noems! Love them!

 That wall looks so bare without the wide china cabinet there, so I moved a rolling tea tray there. Still bare but a little better, lol.

 We have been packing stuff in boxes and I pulled this down from above my doll cabinet and it actually looks nice on this table so I will use it for a while.
 Tin pineapple candle holders. I can't remember where I bought them but I love them. I like anything pineapple because it signifies hospitality and I even like to eat the real one.
 The table runner was bought from one of our Caribbean cruises, from Roatan Island.

If you remember, this was how our kitchen used to be. I sold that large cabinet and then sold the table too. I will miss that cabinet very much because it held lots of my china collection, but we have no room for it in our Florida home.

 This set was sold and is gone now too and the mantel is painted a very pale yellowish cream now.

 And this is "NOW"!
 I distressed the set showing both old finishes, brown stain and turquoise paint.

Thanks for your visits! It has been very busy in our household, never a dull moment, that is why I have not been posting on my blog much nor visiting most of you.  I hope I can make up for it after we are settled in Florida. I have been packing my china and other household stuff and trying to sell what I can let go. Again if you want to be added to my "Moving Sale" on Facebook, send me a request at even if you are just curious as to what I am letting go. To my surprise, almost everything is going so fast.
Thanks to the hostesses!
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