Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy 97th Birthday, Mama!

Happy Birthday, mama! We are so blessed to still have you around. We all love you very much!
Mama was born on July 24, 1918 and is still able to walk and move around.
Shown below is my mom with her 7 siblings and her mom. She has outlived them all. The other picture is when she was 18 and the one next to it was taken in New Orleans during one of John's seminars. She loves traveling and going places (pasyal) so we take her with us whenever possible.
 My mom when my father was still alive with in laws. My mom is on the left in green and my dad is in his maroon silk pajamas. He loved his silk pj's and I hope he is wearing them in heaven right now, lol.
 My mom treated me and my 2 brothers and 2 sisters to a Hawaiian cruise in 2000, when we cruised from one Hawaiian island to the next. It was so much fun!
 Celebrating her 86th birthday at our old home in FL before we moved to Natchez, MS. and of course, we are back to Florida now.

 She was 87 years old here.

 Ma was 90 years old here.
 We celebrated her 90th birthday in 2008 at the Reunion Resort in Orlando, FL. Everybody came all the way from California, except for a great grandson who is in the Marines and was on duty and was serving the country somewhere else at the time.
Mom with her 5 children. I am the one in moss green.
From L to R: Yours truly, youngest brother Okoy, eldest sister Fe, my mom, Henry and Tessie.

 We had a birthday party for her in Natchez on her 93rd birthday. She was staying with us at that time. Right now she is with my sister Fe in Illinois and they are having a birthday party for her tomorrow. So sorry, I won't be able to attend this time, ma, but I hope to see you soon.
 We had another big family reunion in our present Florida home here in 2013. Everybody came again and the family is growing bigger with 20 great grandkids and 1 great great granddaughter now.
 We took her on a cruise last year or better yet, she took us on a cruise cause she paid for it, lol

I pray to God that she stays healthy and can be around for many more years. Thank you all for stopping by.
Happy Birthday, MAMA! Stay strong! I love you very much.
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