Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Philippine Trip: Anvaya Cove and Subic Bay

I am so far behind in posting my travels on my blog. We have been to the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam from January to March and then to Europe in April and May, 2017. My blog is sort of my journal so I better start getting to work to catch up.

One place we visited in the Philippines was Anvaya Cove in Morong, Bataan. My cousin Gem and her hubby Ting, who were our hosts during our SE Asian trip thought we would enjoy the resort with a scenic beach, and they were so right.

But before we went there, we stopped by Everybody's Café in San Fernando, Pampanga to eat some Pampangueno delicacy, which I really miss.

We had John try an authentic dish from Pampanga, adobong crickets. Yes, I said crickets, lol. To my surprise, he really liked it!
 We passed by a lot of mountains on our way to our destination so it was a very enjoyable ride.

 Finally, we arrived in Anvaya Cove and registered. This very long walkway to the resort is covered by a pergola with hanging vines with many pretty white flowers
 Posing with my generous host and cousin, Gemma, to show how long the walk way is.
 See the gorgeous hanging vines with white  bell flowers?
 Cars were not allowed to drive around the cove but all we had to do was call for a shuttle, who would pick us up from our cottage and take us wherever we wanted to go.
 Cottages had their own outdoor areas and this was ours.  In the background was my cousin's and her hubby's.
 Inside our cottage
We passed through here to go to the pools and beach.
 John enjoyed swimming at the beach.
 And we got the chance to witness the most gorgeous sunset.
 See those 2 lovebirds? They are my cousin and her husband.
 I just couldn't get enough of this picturesque sunset.

 John and I got to soak in a lot of relaxation being there.
 And we ate a lot too. How about some yummy seafood paella?
 The breakfast buffet was so good and had so much food!

 In order to get to Anvaya Cove, we had to drive through Subic Bay. John used to work there as a Lieutenant Commander when he was in the Navy, right after Medical school and he wanted  to see the house where he used to live.
 We drove around the base and good thing he remembered the word "Kalayaan" so when we saw this sign, we concentrated on driving around that area until we spotted the duplex, which used to be an officer's quarters.
 And it was still there! It's the yellow unit on the left. He got kinda emotional when he saw it.
 The next place he wanted to see was the hospital where he used to work. We spotted it though the name has been changed.
 The hospital was located on top of a hill and on our way down, we saw a bunch of monkeys.
 Can you spot the monkeys? There are a lot hanging on this tree.
It was quite an experience since I have not seen monkeys in the wild, except in the rainforest in Belize.

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing some pictures of our trip. Thanks for stopping by and thanks to the hostesses of these memes.

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