Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Manly Table for the Guys While Watching World Cup Championship, 2014

John felt a little guilty because he had 2 emergency surgery cases late this past weekend and he felt bad for the anaesthesiologist, so he invited him to dinner. But they got done late and they were tired so they decided to just get together on Sunday to watch the World Cup Championship at home. I told John to go ahead and invite our friend Karl too, an orthopedic surgeon in town, since his wife is away and he's been all alone for a while.
Since we were going to watch the game, I decided to just set the coffee table and I want to make it more manly. After all, I am eating with 3 gentlemen. I started with an animal print table runner.

I chose to use the green leaf plate chargers.
I wanted to use some animal printed plates but they are stored in the dish room in the garage and I did not have much time to prepare, so I opted to use my transferware that were easily accessible instead.
I mixed 2 patterns of brown with a little color transferware. The Spode Byron divided dinner and salad plates are just stored in the open shelves in the kitchen china cabinet. The Staffordshire WH Grindley "Sunday Morning" bowls, saucers and cups are stored right inside the TV cabinet so all I had to do was take them out. Easy peasy! I think they blend very well together, don't you?

And what could be more manly than a set of horn flatware?  And they are stored right inside the drawer of this coffee table. Convenient! I used animal printed napkins and rings.
The goblets match the plate chargers in green color.
And there it is, all set and ready! Now all I have to do is marinate the chicken. I decided to just prepare Thai chicken with peanut sauce, cucumber salad, tandoori rice and egg rolls.
My monkey in the centerpiece is patiently waiting for the occasion. I thought I would add the Coach coasters since they go with the color theme. German S & P shakers are also on the table, after all, the Germans were playing. Too bad I don't have anything Argentinian items or I would have added them too.

I finally got to use these covered little animal bowls! A perfect way to individually serve my peanut sauce.

I went to church on Sunday and got home at noon. Our invitation was for 1 PM.   Would you believe that I was able to prepare and cook all these in an hour? Yes, I made it! Well, the tablescape was done before I went to church.

Thanks for stopping by. I already have a tablescape posted for this week so I will post this next week. I will already be in FL by then. You all have a nice week! Thanks to all the hostesses too.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Just a Little Work in the Secret Garden

I was determined to work in the secret garden in spite of my fear of snakes. Many of you know that I was in Florida for 4 months because my granddaughter Rea has been sick (Please continue to pray for her), so our yard has been neglected and has overgrown, especially the secret garden since nobody ever goes down there. My hubby pretty much works 7 days a week, even if he is off every weekend and therefore has no time to do yard work and gardening. He does his paperwork on weekends and often gets calls for emergencies and sometimes have to perform surgeries too.
I put on my gardening boots, even on a 90 degree weather. It gives me a little peace of mind, even though I did not really see any snake, lol.
I asked John to stay with me even if he will just sit there. It makes me feel safer so he can take to the hospital in case I got bitten. Are you imagining now how really terrified I am of snakes? LOL! But he actually worked with me. Yippee!
Do you see how overgrown it is? I actually created some terracing on the right side but you can't even see it.

Somewhere there, I have a "Secret Garden" sign, but again you can't see it.
After cleaning and trimming a bit, you can see it now. There it is!
Most of my flowers growing in the secret garden now are orange and they are all perennials. I did not plant anything new this year because I was mostly not home.
You can hardly see the iron swing too. The honeysuckle vine has taken over.
After trimming the vine, the swing is more visible. I have to leave for Florida soon again but when I come back, I plan to paint this and recover the padding. What color paint do you think would be nice?
The canna lilies under the oak are orange too.
Looking much better and brighter now, though it has not reached my satisfaction level yet. I got exhausted that I had to stop. I could not even swim because I thought I would pass out so I just sat on the recliner inside the house and rested prior to taking a shower. I know my limitations.
But I can live with this now.

See the Asian jasmine ground cover? It needs to be trimmed on the deck but I am out of time. It is creeping in. I have to prepare for my next trip to FL, not to mention catching up on all my work that was abandoned while I was gone.

Enough of the secret garden down below. Let me share some pictures of our wet deck.



I can't wait for Rea to get well so all the grandkids can visit and enjoy this.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Saturday, July 12, 2014

French Serves Invasion in the Dining Room with Cherubs and Putti

 I have been wanting to work it the garden but I am afraid to go to the secret garden by myself and John is always working so I decided to do a tablescape instead. I am not sure how I ended up with the Sevres pieces. I guess thinking about my grand kids, I thought I would use cherubs and putti and most of the Sevres items have them so there it goes.

I even changed the buffet a bit to add the Sevres urns. We won the 2 bigger ones in an estate auction and the smaller ones, we bought from an antique store.
We bought this huge compote in an antique store too. It opens up into a big oval bowl.
Love all the details.

Hmmm, don't know why this loaded turned this way. It isn't on the original pic. Anyway, I bought these plates on clearance from the Noritake site at a big discount. I couldn't pass them out, lol.
I like the subtle dots on the dainty plates.

Napkin rings
A shell shaped Serves we also bought from an antique shop.

The pair of turquoise cherub candle holders I think are from Joss and Main.
Another large piece, a Serves bowl with gold ormolu.

I should have turned the urns cause they have a different hand painted designs on the other side.

 We even have these 2 huge Sevres eggs, just sitting on the floor cause I don't have enough able space to put them, lol.
Thanks for stopping by and viewing! I accidentally posted this prematurely but now it is finally done with minimal description. We have other Serves pieces around the house but I did not want to add them for fear of cluttering the table.
Thanks to these wonderful hostesses.

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