Friday, August 15, 2014

Buck? I think it's a Moose!

I have not done a tablescape for a few weeks because I have not been home. I drove to our home from Cape Coral so I thought I would take advantage and set up a table here before I leave today.
I have had these set of dinnerware. I think I bought them either from Joss & Main or Zulily on line and had them shipped directly here last year. Aside from the coffee mugs, I have not really used them until now.
I started with a twig plate charger, or is it a bird nest?
 and used twig napkin rings and blue napkins, which I bought from an antique store in Natchez a few years ago. I think they were 75 cents for a set of 8. If you noticed, the moose is blue.
When I bought this dinnerware set, I thought the animal on them is a buck. I intended to use them when my son Jed and DIL, Becky came over, since they are both avid hunters. But looking more closely now, I think it is a moose. Here is the salad plate.
 and here is the dinner plate
Here is the info written on the back of each one.

Salt and pepper shakers sitting on birds' nests
 The table was set on the kitchen breakfast nook.

 Both stem glasses are from the Dollar Store. Yes, you've guessed it right, they were a dollar each.
 The antler was given to me by Jed and Becky, my son and DIL.


 Thank you so much for stopping by and I thank the hostesses of the memes I am linking to. I appreciate and read all your comments too.
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

AJ Was a Semi Finalist for Miss Florida Junior Teen

We have just been through a very exciting and hectic weekend.
We do not know how NAM (National American Miss) got my eldest granddaughter, AJ's name but they said someone from school usually submits them. But anyway, AJ was asked to compete for Miss Florida Junior Teen. Her mom checked it out to make sure it was legit and it was, so they both decided she could try it out. Even if she does not win, it would be a very good experience for her.
The pageant was held at the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando. It was a 2-day event, Aug. 3 and 4.

We were welcomed by a glass champagne upon checking in, which was nice.
11 was AJ's official number.
 She was given participation ribbons and an official NAM star after registration.
 Even Baby Myla got to go.
 The outfit below was what AJ wore for the casual wear competition. Each category was assigned a certain percentage, the highest being 30% each, which were for the personal introduction, the long formal gown entry and interview by the judges.

Please watch the videos I loaded at the end of this post if you want to see how she performed. They are very short.

We were really all so pleased with how well AJ performed. It was her first experience and the preparations of the pageant was put in the back burner for a long time, after Rea's diagnosis. Thanks to my youngest daughter, Tina, daughter in law, Becky and Rochelle's friends, who took turns in assisting her in finding the pageant outfits and help with preparations, since Rochelle was always with Rea in the hospital and could not keep up with everything that had to be done.
This was the view from the hotel room. It was simply breathtaking!

 The pool was one of the nicest that we've ever been. We used to take AJ here when she was younger and she loved the water slide. This time however, she was unable to go swimming because of her tight schedule, but I got to enjoy the pool with the little girls.

 So nice to just lounge and relax after swimming.
 This was while waiting for their turn to go on stage for the personal introduction. They wore a business attire per instructions.
 I loved AJ's choice of outfit, It reminded me a retro 50'ish in a conservative style.
 She had to change fast into a long gown right after so her mom and best friend, Sierra, lent their helping hands.
 The final main event came on the second night.
 All the girls performed a group dance.
 AJ is right there in the center although only half of her body is visible.
 20 semi finalists were selected and AJ was one of them. We were all so excited when her name was called. This was all we could hope for for a first timer.
The one in blue in front of AJ won the pageant.
 There were 200 contestants, 100 in each division and 20 semi finalists were chosen from each division.
 Below was the reigning Miss Florida Jr. Teen who was to give up her throne that night. In her speech, she said it was on her 6th try when she finally won.

 I thought AJ really did great. I know I would never be able to do what she did, lol!

She came home with 3 trophies, one for a spirit award but I am not sure what the other 2 were for.
Rea's surgery was postponed for a week, which worked out well because we were able to bring all the kids to Orlando to watch the pageant. They were so excited every time they saw their big sister on stage. And all the adults got to go too, since no one had to stay in the hospital.
Below are 3 very short videos. Please feel free to watch them.
Congrats for a job well done. AJ!
Thank you all so much for your visits!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rea Did It!

Rea just got out of surgery for the resection of her tumor. The tumor that originally was as big as a tennis ball got shrunk to that of a size of a walnut after chemo, was successfully and completely removed today. I am so happy, I couldn't stop crying. Thank you for all your prayers. Our brave SupeRea did it!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party for Grandkids

Good news on Rea! After 4 cycles of chemo, she had a full body MIBG scan and an MRI scan of the knee. The lesions on the knee completely vanished, all gone and the fracture is healing nicely. The MIBG scan showed the primary tumor to have shrunk considerably and the surgeon is very confident that she can remove it completely. No other cancer cells were found.
Naturally, we are all rejoicing of these good news. What's more, Rea has a week off from hospital and clinic visits because her blood count has been really good too. We took this opportunity to drive to our FL home in Cape Coral so the kids can go swimming.
After swimming, I had a tea party for the grandkids. Since they just came from swimming and some of them were still wet, I just set it up on the deck.

We flew in yesterday from New Orleans and we took Southwest. Since they allow 2 luggage to check in per person, I decided to bring along and transport all my Alice in Wonderland tea set and dishes, still in boxes.

 Nothing fancy here. Just as I said, some of the grand kids were still wet and just took a break from swimming.
 They were hungry after all that exercise but I was determined to take pictures first, lol.

 I bought all the goodies from the newly opened Trader Joe's in Tampa. I had no time to bake since we left home at 3 AM and drove for 3 hrs. to the airport. The following day, we drove 2.5 hrs. from the north Tampa Bay area to Cape Coral. The cookies, especially the macarons were delicious.
Rea stood a lot cause it was easier for her to reach the table that way.

We all had a great time! Thanks for taking the time to come and visit and hosting for the hostesses.
Please continue to pray for Rea as she is still approaching her surgery procedure and some other important procedures to follow. I thank you very much for the prayers.
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