Friday, January 23, 2009

Day After The Wedding

After the wedding, I thought it would be a good gesture to invite the groom's family to the house to join us open presents. They are from Pittsburg, PA and had to leave the following day,

But first, I had to clean up. You should have seen the mess we left when we left for the wedding. Flower petals, leaves and boxes everywhere. We have been too busy preparing for the wedding that we have neglected the house. I forgot to take pictures of the before but this is the after. I think it looks presentable now, don't you? This shows the dining room adjoining the living room,

There was so much food leftover and the caterer wrapped it all up for us to take it home.

Do you see my daughter's new shirt that says "Mrs. Paterson" in the back? She got it as a bridal shower present. You can click on the picture to enlarge it.

The guests are busy eating.

Some were watching TV in the family room.

There's my little grandson with my daughter.

That's me with the groom's mom.

There they are ...the newlyweds opening presents.

Whew! I am glad the celebrations are over. I am ready to go home and go on with my life but first I have to stay for a few days to babysit my grandson cause his parents went on a skiing trip. God is wise for not letting a woman in her 50's get pregnant anymore cause it's not easy to continuously watch a baby anymore. My back hurts from carrying him but he is such a joy that I really enjoy being with him.

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