Saturday, January 24, 2009

My Very First Award...Yipee!

"This is an award for being a wonderful Mom
You do fantastic work
Be proud of your accomplishments!"

I am so excited! This is only my third day of blogging and I already received an award. Thank you, Kathy! Kathy from has presented me this award and I am truly honored to accept it. Kathy has a daughter, named Cait and even if I have not met them personally, I can feel the closeness and love they have for each other. The same award was also presented to me by Cyndi at You should read her story about her 2 sons. It's amazing how much they have accomplished.

Actually, I think every mom deserves this award.

I have 2 daughters, 1 son and 2 step daughters and they are all so wonderful. I cannot really ask for anything more. They are all grown ups and independent now with their own careers. When my dad was still alive, he used to say that they (mom and dad) will never expect us to repay them back for whatever they have done for us 5 brothers and sisters, because there is no way we can repay them. He said the only way we can repay them is by doing the same thing to our children. Isn't that so true? I never expect anything from our children, I am just happy to do everything I can to make them happy.

Thank you, Kathy and Cyndi, for presenting me this award.

Now I would like to present this along to other deserving moms.
Sorry if it is a duplicate but accept it anyway, it will just mean that you are MUCH MORE than a wonderful mom.

Gloria from
Rue from
Tina from
Vanna from fur babies count
Chari from

and I would like to present this award to a non-bloggers too, Cindy known as
MariElisAmi on RMS, KathySue and Marty39

They are all wonderful moms and they deserve this award.


marty39 said...

Christine, you're my first visitor and I really appreciate the award. I have no idea how to collect it, so I need some help. Thanks for the comment on the yard. It is really hard to have an oasis in the desert, but I think DH did a great job. Thanks again, I appreciate it. Hugs, Marty

xinex said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Happy To Be said...

Thanks Christine..I got this one 2 times now but hey that makes me twice as nice..thank you dear friend..and congrats on your first of many to come awards..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Congratulations Christine! What an appropriate time for you to receive this award --As you are baby sitting grandchildren. You're doing a great job with your blog and with your grandchildren. laurie

Picket said...

Hey girl..congrats on your beautiful award..Hope al is well on your side of the mountain and that you are having a great weekend.

Cindy J. said...

Christine you have made me cry! You are so sweet to think of me and include me in this wonderful award. Your Mom and Dad raised a wonderful daughter his sentiments were filled with the best wisdom. Being a Mom is the most rewarding and wonderul job, God has truly blessed us. Thank-you dear friend you have honored me. Love, Cindy

prof en retraite said...

Wow! Christine...congrats on your award! You so deserve it! And isn't it great that you passed it along to Marty and now she has a place to put it!! I hope you are having a great weekend...Debbie

prairiedog said...

Hi Christine,congratulations!I gave you this award as well but I see I am a little late.I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you too.Cyndi

Kathysue said...

Hi C, Oh you are just too sweet and kind.I was just thinking how many of us are sooo devoted to our families and it is just the most natural process in life.All these wonderful ladies mentioned have love for their families and homes and it shows in all that they do that it is driven with a heart full of love.You are such a dear sweet lady and I am proud to call you my friend.What a talent you are and your blog looks wonderful.Hugs to you,kathysue

prof en retraite said...

Hi Christine...I hope you don't mind...I gave you a little plug on my blog! :-)...Debbie

Bo said...

Congratulations Christine...I just knew you were a great mom & grandmom too! ;-) Bo

ann said...

Congrats lady.You so deserve it and wow what an excellent job you have done on your blog...Ann

prof en retraite said...

Hi Christine! I realized I had your Sightseeing Saturday title wrong on my's fixed! lol I was posting in the wee hours of the morning! Sorry...Debbie

Tomarie said...

Congratulations on your first award Christine!! I just loved what your Daddy said true! L~

Susan said...

Found your blog thanks to Debbie (plate addict). Welcome to blog land. I look forward to your posts!

PAT said...

Welcome to the world of blogging Christine! I'll add you to my list.

Melissa Miller said...

Wonderful Christine!
Well deserved.

Have a blessed Sunday!
~Melissa :)

Glenda said...

Congrats are definitely in order. What wonderful recognition to come at this time in your busy life. Your children are the ones that have been truly blessed, to have a Mother like you.

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