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A Tour of Natchez and Pink Blossoms in My Yard

Sunday Favorites is a meme started by Chari of Sunday is a day of relaxation so how much easier would it be than just go back to your old posts, pick one of your favorites and repost it as a Sunday Favorite? What a brilliant idea that Chari came out with. Thanks, Chari!
Today, I would like to share our charming little town with you again, Natchez, MS. I originally featured it for one of my Sightseeing Saturdays on 3/21/09. Enjoy touring the city again!
Today, I will have a double post. First post will be my usual Sightseeing Sat. and just below it will be Pink Saturday.

We are not going very far today because I want to show you just what is in our own backyard in Natchez, MS. I think we have a very quaint and charming town. Our downtown is full of antique shops and mansions, which I think is very unusual. A lot of antebellum houses here were spared during the civil war because the bluffs concealed them. For that reason, we have the most antebellum plantation houses that still stand today for a very small town of 20,000 population. Twice a year, a lot of them are open to the public, shown complete with the hostesses wearing southern belle costumes. Right now, one of those events is going on, the Spring Pilgrimage. That's what gave me the idea of showing the houses to you. I hope you enjoy the tour because it is a long one.

We are located on the Mississippi River.
This is Dunleith. It is a Bed and breakfast now. In fact, this is where the hospital put dh and me when he was being recruited.
Behind it is a very fine restaurant, The Castle, which used to be the carriage house where horses were kept.
Isn't it just stately?
This is Dunleith's backyard, very southern, of course.
This is Longwood, the largest octagonal house in the US. We take every out of town visitor who come and visit us to tour this house because the history is very interesting. I won't go into that because I don't want to take out your excitement in case you plan to visit someday. Besides, it will make the post even longer.
Magnolia Hall, a Greek revival mansion, was the last great one built before the break of the civil war. Do you see the tree on the right side? They used to hang outlaws there while their loved ones stood below, grieving and hugging them until they died. Isn't that sad?
That is my sister with my niece and her friend when they came to visit to pick up the 4 kids from Chicago who spent 2 weeks of their summer vacation with us last year. And this is the Stanton Hall, built in 1857.
Behind the Stanton Hall is also a fine restaurant called the Carriage House, where we often eat for lunch after church on Sundays. They are very famous for their southern fried chicken and mint julep but my favorites are the crab cakes and fried green tomatoes.
The whole Chicago gang and AJ.Here is Twin Oaks, which is right across Dunleith.
One of my favorites....Ravennaside. I guess we cannot call it an antebellum house since it was not built before the civil war. Just look at that! Wouldn't it be one of your favorites too?

I love the gazebo on one side of the mansion.

and all the statues lining the driveway Linden

If you take a ghost tour, this is one of the places they take you to.

Even our Catholic church is antebellum, St. Mary's Basilica.

Isn't it pretty?

Rosalie mansion, a good place to tour. It's filled with furniture, paintings and clothes used by the very family that lived there for over 100 years!

Back side of Rosalie.

The Briars, where Jefferson Davis got married. We stayed here too on one of my house hunting trips. Actually, not in this particular building but in a private suite behind it. Some of these antebellum houses have more than 1 building in the property. I had my daughter, her fiance at the time and AJ accompany me cause John was on call 24/7 and could not leave town. They put us in this huge 2 bedroom unit with a big living room and kitchen. Don't tell anyone but I rearranged the furniture in the living room. LOL! Did you know that I bought our house here, did the closing all by myself and John never even got to see it until we actually moved? Luckily, he fell in love with it too the moment he laid eyes on it.
The King's Tavern is the oldest building in Mississippi and the most haunted. You can google and read about its ghost stories on the internet. The one on the right is my eldest sister, Fe. Can you believe that she is 70? (I hope she does not read this and get mad at me for revealing her age, lol) The one with her is her daughter, Stephanie. Do you think she looks like me? So many people mistakenly call her "Christine" thinking she is me. Never mind that I am 25 years older than her. A lot of people say we look so much alike.

Remember my first estate auction experience? The owner of this home "Paradise" is Jimmy Pippen's estate. He owned the biggest antique shop downtown and he died suddenly in this home's backyard with his clippers still in his hand. Evidently he was clipping his plants when that happened. He was only in his low 50's. A lot of our compotes came from his estate and antique store.

This home, "Orchard" also belongs to his estate. There is only one home in b/w the 2 historical houses.

The house is located downtown almost right across King's Tavern.

Do you remember the fireplace fender I showed you in one of my posts? This is where I first spotted it. It's nice to own a little piece of history.

Just look at the gorgeous grounds! Click and enjoy!

Monmouth is another Bed and Breakfast Inn now. It is also a fine restaurant. Enjoy the antiques inside while dining and that's exactly what I did when the hospital COO took us out to dinner there.

A closer look of the Monmouth.


Melrose: a closer look

the back

Green Leaves

Even our cemetery is famous. Does any of you read Greg Isles' books? One of them is the Turning Angel and his title was derived from this monument, which was erected to look over the tombstones of 5 teenagers who died in 1908 when a huge explosion happened at Natchez Drug Company. They were all employees and the youngest was 12 years old. Greg Isles lives in Natchez.

Ok, now let's just drive around downtown.

We also have an annual Balloon Festival every October.

I hope you enjoyed the tour and I am so glad you kept me company.

I think I am ready to check out all the pinks now.

I am very excited to join Pink Saturday for the very first time, sponsored by Beverly at If you haven't visited Beverly, you should, so you can see everybody else's pink lovelies.There is a lot of pinkness blooming in our yard now. The pink and red azaleas are all in bloom and the peach trees are blooming also.

View from our master bedroom window.

Even the bromeliad pot has pink on it.

Isn't the Bromeliad pink bloom so pretty?It has tiny specks of purple on it.

Japanese Magnolia . The color is so close to the azalea's. The flowers on the right are azaleas. The bigger ones on the left are the Japanese Magnolia.

Pink Bouganville in a hanging basket. How do you like my new hanging lantern?

Pink Impatiens

I hope you enjoyed the pink flowers in our backyard. Thanks Beverly, for allowing me to participate in Pink Saturday. I certainly enjoyed it! Now, I'm off to visit the other participants. I hope you will all come and join me!


Susan @ The Good Life! said...

Can I just pick a house and move in? I love them all! All of your pink flowers are beautiful! it's till too cold here for flowers, so I'll just enjoy yours! Thank you!

Blondie's Journal said...


I so look forward to your Saturday posts and you sure didn't disappoint me with this one! I am ready to move to your town and stay at the Dunlieth while I look for a home!

All of the historic homes & buildings are breathtakingly beautiful. And your church, sigh... To me all churches are beautiful, even the most simple, but I do admire St. Basilica.

How nice it must be to spend an afternoon or evening on your blooming patio! Don't worry, I will be doing that soon! ;-)

Happy Pink Saturday!!!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Christine, the anti-bellum mansions are all just so gorgeous. I would love to be able to take the tour and go through them. The grounds around them are so lovely also. How nice that you stayed in some of them and that you get to frequent their restaurants often. Your downtown is lovely also. So much history and I find it so fascinating. Your pink flowers in the backyard are all just so lovely. Isn't it nice to have so many wonderful plants blooming. Our yard is so tacky right now with all the flowers almost gone and I really need to get busy and plant some of the summer things. I really enjoyed your post today. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

Justine said...

Christine, Natchez is SO beautiful. You are so lucky to live so close to so much history. I am totally obsessed with ghosts and the show Ghost Hunters, and would love to tour these homes!

Your flowers are looking gorgeous!

Justine :o )

KBeau said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures of Natchez. We were there a few years ago with another couple and stayed at Dunleith. It was great, especially the grits we had for breakfast in the restaurant. We also visited most of the places you pictured.

You may remember that I asked you about Buzz Harper a while back. He lives in Natchez and restored The Prentiss Club, a former gentlemen's club downtown. There was an article about Natchez in the March 2009 Southern Living magazine. Buzz is pictured on page 77. He grew up in Newport, Arkansas, and graduated from high school with my sister-in-law. Before moving to Natchez, Buzz lived in New Orleans. When he left there, he sold his home to Nicholas Cage.

KBeau said...

I don't think Prentiss Hall had been restored when we were in Natchez. I also once met another designer from Natchez who has a shop downtown. His name is Hal something. I can't remember his last name. He was the decorator for a lady whose house I was supposed to build until her husband decided he wasn't comfortable with a woman builder!

Tardevil said...

First, I have to say again that you look so young in your pictures. It's hard to believe you have grown kids. I'll take the Dunleith. :O) You must have a green thumb to have all those LIVE plants! I wish I had one. LOL!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Great tour of homes Christine...I would take anyone of all your blooms girl..Hope you have a great weekend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Melissa Miller said...

Christine this is one the prettiest tours I've ever been on!
Thank you for sharing all of the stunning homes and the info.
What a beautiful and scenic city you live in.
I had no idea what it was like and now I do want to visit for sure one day.

~Gorgeous Pink flowers too!
~Melissa :)

Anonymous said...

That is one nice neighborhood. The building structures are beautiful with the grass and flowers.

Love your flowers too. I think I'm more drawn to the bromeliad. The flower is so beautiful. Not the usual bromeliads I see. I like the purple touch as well :-)

Happy Pink Saturday!

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Hey Girlfriend...

Ohhh my, I had no idea that your little town of Natchez was so beautiful and historical too! Loved the tour of all the antebellum homes! The era that they were built just fascinates's fun to imagine the grand times! Of course, they seen their days of misery too, didn't they!

Okay, I just have to say...your oldest sister...OMG, Christine...she doesn't look a day over 40...what a beautiful lady! And yes, you are right...your Stephanie looks just like you! Such pretty ladies ya'll are!!!

I just can't believe that your yard is already so beautiful! Thank you for sharing it! Are grass is still a winter shade of brown...I'm so ready for things to start greening up!

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!
Love ya,

imjacobsmom said...

Christine, Jacob would be in his glory going through all of those mansions. He wouldn't get out of them what we do though - we enjoy the architecture and the beauty and he loves their light fixtures and mechanicals -LOL! Your flowers are awesome! You're lucky you have such a pretty view out your bedroom window. Welcome to Pink Saturday! (and thanks for another great tour) ~ Robyn

Rue said...

Hi Christine :)

How did you know I was still up?? LOL

Thank you for telling me about the tour! You took me back in time 23 years ago when I took the Delta Queen down the river with my family and we stopped there. We went to King's Tavern and they illegally gave me drinks LOL I also bought a book about Longwood, so I know the secrets ;)

I'm going to have sweet dreams and memories now while I'm off to bed, so thank you!


Stephanie Suzanne Designs said...

Happy Pink Saturday to you! All of the homes look *fit for a Queen* :0)
Lovely post...

Have a grand week,
Queen of Dreamsz

My name is Riet said...

.WElcome and happy pink Saturday. Your pink flowers are beautiful and I loved the houses tour. I will come back to have a much better look later but first I need to visit some more pink people.

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday!

These mansions are fabulous!

~ Gabriela ~

Bo said...

Hi Christine...first of all my jaw dropped to read Fe is 70!! Amazing gene pool you girls come from!
Now, about the Natchez tour...
This is exactly the kind of tour I love...beautiful old mansions with history behind them...and your yard is certainly telling us spring has sprung! How do you keep the deer from eating your plants?
Happy weekend, ;-) Bo

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Oh Christine! So many gorgeous old homes!! Breathtaking! And I love all teh pink in your yard. The azaleas aren't even thinking about blooming yet here. Have a great weekend...Debbie

Vintage To Chic said...

you should be paid for the wonderful advertising of your great city, happy pink saturday,
come by and join my give away,

Anonymous said...

Christine,those homes are so lovely and gracious.You live a wonderful life dear,enjoy it.I know you do.You have a fabulous husband and in return you are a fantastic wife to him.You're such a great decorator,chef,and hostess.I wish more people had what you two have....Ann

Amy said...

Lovely pictures of a lovely town. Happy Pink Saturday.


Claudia said...

Love the photos of Natchez - so beautiful! And the pink in your garden is wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday!

SmilingSally said...

What a nice place to visit or live! Thanks for sharing. Happy 1st Pink Saturday.

Nancy said...

I cannot choose my favorite. Thanks so much for sharing these. Happy Pink Saturday!

Unknown said...

Welcome to Pink Saturday! I've always heard such wonderful things about Natchez and now I have a strong hankering to go to your balloon festival!
I hope you'll be stopping by my PS, too!

Glennis said...

What a wonderful tour. Now you've got me writing down things to google and find out more about!! You're a great tour guide.

Have a wonderful Pink Saturday!

Cindy J. said...

Christine dear you live in one of the most wonderful places on earth.. Oh my goodness your lovely town has it all, and you are just as lovely. Your sister is amazing and yes, I thought the picture was of you until you said it was your niece. Thank-you so much for the tour I enjoyed it so much. Love, Cindy

Gossamer Creations said...

All your photos are beautiful. I love all your pink flowers. You can never have too many. Happy Pink Saturday.

Chandy said...

I love your flowers! I hope to do well with many of them soon enough... And your travels make me salivate; wow! Such beautiful buildings...

Are you the host of Sight Seeing Saturday? I'd love to join in now that I like to take pictures of things, people and places! I love checking your blog everyday, you have such a fun blog!

Big hugs, Carolyn (Chandy)

Susan (Between Naps On The said...

Christine...this tour was awesome! I could go on a tour like that every day and never get bored...I do LOVE the old homes! And this soooo showed how beautiful the old cites of the south are...I would love to visit Natchez one day and tour all these gorgeous places! Thanks for showing them to us...I want to look all of them up online and read about them, although I'm sure some are private residences. Your PS post was great, too! Love all the beautiful pink you have blooming around your home. I'm itching to buy some annuals but they tell us to wait around here until after April 15th...don't know if I can stand it that long. :-) Great post! Susan
P.S. I hope I look like your Sis when I hit that age...she is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to your first Pink Saturday, Christine.

I really enjoyed both parts of your posts. We have always wanted to visit that area. And, your blooms are gorgeous.

Monica said...

Beautiful Magnolia! looove them!
Happy first Pink Saturday, see you soon!

Sue said...

Hi Christina....thank you for the beautiful tour of your town...I didn't realize how lovely it was...I used to travel to Mississippi on business and never saw such beautiful homes....

Tomarie said...

C~ This was an absolutely wonderful and fascinating tour of your town! It REALLY makes me want to move there! What a historical city you live in...and I would DREAM of living in any one of those homes! I have thoroughly enjoyed this tour...and maybe that's also because I know that my homie lives there! LOL :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been around this week. My aide, her kids, and myself all caught a stomach bug. It was quite a time trying to watch the fort (classroom) and take care of ourselves! I'm finally off for spring break and we're going camping on Monday...I'm hoping to get away from GERMS for a little while! LOL I've caught everything under the sun this year...ggrrrhhhh!

Your flowers look GORGEOUS!
Love ya! :-) L~

suesueb said...

natchez is absolutely beautiful and i hope to stay there one day since it's not too far from me. your flowers are so pretty too-i love spring and all the blooms!! happy pink saturday!

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Pink Saturday and have a great first weekend of Spring ~ Susan

Betty said...

What a gorgeous town! The oldest house in our town is barely 100 and not nearly as pretty as any of the ones you've shown!
Happy Pink Saturday! I loved your garden tour too!

KatCollects said...

I am ready for blooming flowers and spring. Happy Pink Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the tour of homes and the photos of all the beautiful flowers. Happy Pink Saturday and have a wonderful new week.

Fifi Flowers said...


{Bellamere Cottage} said...

I loved the tour around your town! I've only been to the south once (New Orleans) and fell in love! We plan to take another trip soon, probably to Savannah........We're from the Pacific NW (Hubbs is from Hawaii)...we just do not have that sort of architecture here. It's amazing! How lucky you are to be able to enjoy it.


Christie Hines said...

I always love your sight seeing tours are the best tour guide...I want you to know!
Your town is so charming and beautiful! I loved seeing all of the gardens and mansions. Right up my alley. How wonderful that the antebellum mansions were spared by the bluff.
Your azaleas and other flowers are so pretty, aren't you so happy it's spring!?
Hope you have a great week!
Big hugs,

Kat said...

What a beautiful post Christine. Such gorgeous homes, and Natchez looks like such a pretty town. Your lawn is breathtaking, ours is still very brown (drought). But the most amazing thing is your sister! She's 70? I cannot believe it. Wow, you have some really great genes in your family you lucky thing! Great post, Kathy

Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

What a fun post! I loved seeing all of those gorgeous houses. Thanks for sharing! :-)

Unknown said...

Natchez is a beautiful place. I've visited there 2 times...your post makes me want to return!

Thanks for all the history...I've been to interesting!


KBeau said...

I remember the first time you posted this, Christine. I may have told you then that we stayed at Dunleith when we traveled to Natchez a few years ago. Such a beautiful town you live in.

greet's foto's said...

What a lovely pictures and a nice city.
Have a nice day, Oma Nijn

Lori E said...

The history and stories these homes can tell. Beautiful.

Christi @ A Southern Life said...

What a great tour of your lovely city. Thanks for taking us along and also for sharing your beautiful pink.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, I adore Natchez, and it is so incredible. You live in a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing with us. I remember Rosalie well.


Sheila :-)

Chari at Happy To Design said...

Mornin' Girlfriend...

What a pleasure to have you join in with Sunday Favorites!!! I remember this post when you first posted it...I just loved the tour of all the beautiful plantation homes of Natchez!!! You are indeed blessed to live in such a beautiful old town with so many interesting sites to see!!! I sure would love to visit your beautiful town!!!

Well...I think that Ravennaside is still my favorite...although I would take any one of those fabulous homes to live in...hehe! I really love the rounded architecture of that old home! Ooooh...and on the side of it, I can see lots of columns that are also in a circular shape!!! Girlfriend, if I ever get over to can be sure that I'm stopping by Natchez!!! I also enjoyed seeing all of your pretty pinks too! When we were down in Texas, all the pretty crepe myrtle's were in was beautiful!!! It's too cold in Colorado for crepe myrtle!

Well Darlin'...thanks again for joining in with Sunday Favorites and for that awesome tour!!!

Have a marvelous Monday!
Love ya,

Kim @ Starshine Chic said...

Ahhh! I could just look at photos of these houses all day long. Even better to live in one. We have boring houses here in southern California.

Unknown said...

What a grand, historic town you live in. I've read many books that feature Natchez and it was nice to get a first hand, local look at it. Beautiful!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Beautiful photos of your beautiful city. Your flowers look beautiful. laurie

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