Friday, July 3, 2009

Nassau, Bahamas, Dominated by Pink Buildings

I am up for another double post. Saturday is a busy posting time on my blog because it is Sightseeing Saturday which I am committed too and Pink Saturday, that Beverly of is also committed to. Usually, I keep the post separate but today, I will fuse them together and you will understand why when you see them.
Please visit Chandy at and check out what beautiful sights she is sharing with us today.

Since we just came back from a trip to Bahamas, let me share you a few pictures, a lot of them pink. I might be wearing green here but do you see the pink flowers arounf?

There is AJ in a pink shirt pretending to play the drums against a pink peacock feather sculpture.

There she is again posting by the casino.

Do you see how dark she has become? Here, ready to go for a swim again.

Cocktails with her dad, my ex son in law.

Now, the pink buildings start.

But wait! I wanted to take a picture with this Bahamian guy but we ran out of time. How do you like his full pink lips?

More pink buildings.

The straw market.

More pink buildings!

and more

and more

and more

How about some pink bikini glasses?

My hubby wanted me to take a picture of this appropriate for me, he thinks.

No pink here but I thought the policeman's uniform is cute. OMG! I gained so much weight already!! I gained 10 lbs. and need to work it out.

On the upper deck playing mini golf. Would you believe that AJ won against all of us? She had 2 holes in one.

Another pink building, the famous Atlantis in the background.

AJ, taking her game so seriously. The stones are kind pink too, aren't they?

I guess that is enough for me to share with you today. Don't forget to visit Beverly and Chandy and check out what they have to share today, and then go visit everyone on Beverly's list too. If you ever want to post for Sightseeing Sat., please email or leave me a comment with your blog address by Friday. My post is usually ready by 8 PM on Friday. Thanks!

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