Monday, January 18, 2010

Formal Living Tabletops

This is Barb's second week of Tabletops Tuesday. To see a lot gorgeous vignettes, you need to go to her site at I am certain that you will enjoy everyone's creativity.
Last week, I showed you our family room mantel top. Today, I would like to show you the tops of our coffee table and a French server in the formal living room.
What I have on top of the coffee table is a Sevres compote held by 3 cherubs, a Viennese vase, a pair of Meissen figures, a Napoleon porcelain tray with 3 expresso cups on top of a gold mirrored tray and a crystal finial. All of these were either won from an antique estate sale or bought from an antique store.

I think the pictures on the cups are as follows: Napoleon Bonaparte and his wife, Josephine and his dad, Carlo. The tray also has Napoleon's picture on it.
We bought the mirrored tray from an antique store downtown and it included 5 different shapes of crystal finials. One of them is on this table behind Napoleon's cup and the other 4 are on the mantel of this room's fireplace.
Can you spot the crystal finial here?
Here's another view of the table, which shows the bottom shelf. On the bottom shelf, you will see a big Sevres egg compote held by 2 nymphs, a pot with faux flowers, a bejeweled bunny, a Meissen bird, a mini amber tree and a twin ballerina figurine. The latter 2 are not showing in this picture.
Do you see the large painting above the sofa? It's oil and I painted it.
Here is a close up of the cherub Sevres compote.
and a close up of the tray with cups

You get a little glimpse of the dining room from here.
Now, let's go see what is on top of the French server.
An antique clock, an old lampshade, 2 marble busts, a vase with faux flowers and another vase with faux ferns.
I love the ornate design of the lamp shade. I am not sure what you call this lamp style but I love the shade and its bronze figural base.
The clock was given to us by my sister in Illinois. We visited her one winter and after we got home and talked to her on the phone, I told her how much I like the clock in the guest room. The next time we met, she brought it and gave it to me. Isn't she nice?
The mirror is from either Indonesia or Malaysia.
Under the server is a wooden box of magazines, a chess set I bought from Greece and a bowl of natural crystals and stones, which is another one of my collections:-) I am just fascinated by the different colors, shapes and patterns.
Thank you Barb for hosting. This is really a fun party. I hope you all enjoyed how I decorated our table tops. We hardly ever use this room that's why I keep a lot of our breakables and collectibles here. Thank you all for coming by.

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