Friday, February 11, 2011

How Time Flies!

The older we get, it seems like the faster time flies. I cannot believe that it's been a year since Baby N was born. It seems just like yesterday when I stayed in FL for a month with my daughter and her family, to help her out with the babies, and now I am back for the baby's first birthday.

Here is the birthday boy now.

Before I left Mississippi, it snowed just a little bit, just enough to coat the bushes and grass with little specks of snow powder.

But it was icy. These were the trees that we passed by on our way to the airport. While John drove, I started snapping pictures. The trees were really pretty, they were glistening especially because the sun was shining so brightly on them.

I flew to Florida.

And finally got to my daughter and her family's home after I was delayed for an hour and 45 minutes on my connecting flight. Do you see the vulture on top of the roof on the lower photo?

The weather was 77 degrees when I reached Florida.

Before I left home, Tina asked if I really want her to give the boys' nanny a break. She thought I might have a hard time taking care of 2 toddlers. I assured her that I wanted to take care of the boys and she can give the nanny the week off.
I am glad I did that because we had so much fun. The boys are so good and are such happy children.
The baby took a nap in the morning and both of them took a long nap after eating lunch, I mean long, almost 4 hours. So, I had a lot of free time and by the time they woke up, their dad was home from work and took over the babysitting.
We had so much fun! We played in Brendan's room.
Do you see the built in cabinets in Brendan's closet? Their dad Scott is so handy. He built them.

We played in the living room. The baby really enjoys playing with balls. I just love to see both of them giggle. It's music to my ears.

They loved playing together. Big brother is so independent. He brushes his teeth, dresses by himself and puts his plate in the sink after he is done eating and plays with the baby a lot.

I just had to watch the baby closely when he was at his big brother's room because he loves to climb the slide to go up on the bed and then jumps. I worried about him falling but he didn't.
This is the baby's room and we played there too.
When it is nap time, I just put the baby on the crib and he goes to sleep without fussing.
And I just tell big brother that it is nap time and he climbs up on his bed and sleeps. No resistance at all. They are such good boys and so easy to take care of. Whatever Tina and Scott are doing in disciplining these boys work because my children were never like that when they were small.

It was the baby's birthday on Thursday and I baked a cake for him. We are having a party on Saturday but we had a little celebration on the day of his birthday.

We gave him a big piece of the cake and he ate it all, lol.

Here is the family!

I am joining Laurie's Favorite party at

The Tablescaper's Seasonal Sunday at

Sally's Blue Monday at

I hate to leave the boys and this really nice warm weather but I have to go soon. I am going to miss this family for sure especially the little ones.
On Friday, Tina took off from work and asked the nanny to watch the boys so we could go shopping.
Thank you to our most gracious hostesses and I thank you all for coming by. I hope you get to visit them cause their posts and those of their participants are truly inspiring.
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