Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Kitchen Dish Haven

I will skip Sightseeing Saturday today since I have a big post and I am joining a lot of parties. It seems like I have been working on this project for at least 3 weeks now (although I was out of town for one of those weeks) that I want to focus on this for now.

I first saw this big cabinet from Nancy's site of . If you have not seen her furniture store, you need to go right away cause she has some amazing pieces. I immediately measured our biggest wall in the kitchen to see if it will fit and it would fit perfectly so I asked John if we could order it. I liked it so much that I was willing to pay for it with my own allowance but he said I could use his check, which was even better, lol. So, I ordered it.

When the delivery guy came, he refused to bring it in the house. He insisted they only deliver to the curb. I told him to just take it back then since there was no way I could bring it in and I would hate for it to get ruined because it was raining on and off. They tried calling Nancy but could not get ahold of her. Luckily, I had a guy who was cleaning our gutters at that moment and I asked him to help and the driver agreed to bring it in with a helper. They got it in but I wanted to have lights installed in it. The one I liked would cost over $400. Hmmmm! I wonder if it has gold in it. Anyway, I had to pick a cheaper one cause there was no way I was going to pay that much for cabinet lighting. Our good ole electrician/handyman Mitch came in to install it for us.

I was finally able to start putting stuff in it last Wednesday and I sure had a great time doing so.
Here it is now!
See the other cabinet on the other side of the wall in the formal dining room? That's another dish cabinet and it amazingly holds about 15 complete dinnerware sets. If I can find another one just like it to put by its side, I will have enough storage, I think.
There's hubby getting a glass for his diet coke.

The left and right cabinets have lead glass doors. The center has open shelvings.
This is the left side.


Right Side.

Now, I will show you what is on each shelf starting on the left top.

Pink and white Winterling tea/coffee service set from Ebay and a blue country pottery set from a Thrift store. I also leaned my set of sterling silver salt cellar spoons rack. The spoons have a flower of every American state on the handles.

Spode's Emma's Garland tea set , tray and vase. I have a dinnerware set matching this and it is kept in the foyer cabinet. I bought the green goblets for $1 each (the 4th one is hiding in the corner behind the vase) from one of the vendors in the store. I love the bright green color and I could use it for Christmas and for setting tables in the garden.

Spode Chelsea Birds bowls and plates (these were in the packages that just came in while I was in FL) and a silver plated Sheffield coffee pot.

Some Spode Blue Room plates and bowls, Blue Willow serving oval trays, Delft blue sugar and creamer.

Woodland Melody soup tureen from Ebay. This was in the packages that I just opened too. Decorating and tablescaping books, reticulated German fruit plates and dessert plates with butterflies, brown sugar and creamer and cruet transferware sets, salt cellar pieces. Bar set and wine glasses and some lidded crystal servers, pewter wine holder and sugar scuttle.
I will eventually move most of these into the wet bar area so I can display more of my dishes. Yep, there are still a lot more to display and I admit, I am a dishaholic!

I just got this pewter sugar scuttle from Ebay. It was in one of the packages that came in while I was in Florida. I just love the details and the little scooper.

At first, this shelf was full of Old Britain Castle transferware but I moved the Christmas plates into a drawer in the living room table and decided to display our Limoges oyster plates instead. Under the pink and white oyster plates are more all white oyster plates.

Love the details!

Myott Staffordshire brown Royal Mail transferware, ladybug sugar and creamer, a non marked tureen, Johnson Brothers octagonal dinner and salad plates and a set of Sterling Queen's Lace carving set in a small white ironstone pitcher.

Warvel (made in Poland) and Johann Haviland Brown Rose tea /coffee sets. I have complete dinnerware sets for both of these and they are kept in one of the dining room cabinets.

Life garden tea set with inspirational inscriptions......I know I have more plates that came with this set but I am still trying to locate them, lol.

Fitz and Floyd Bellacara tea set and mugs. I am still looking for a creamer. Please let me know if you ever spot one. Thanks.
Liberty Blue Staffordshire and Churchill blue and white dishes and Blue Willow dinner plates. Also, Peacock on a Tree bowls in various sizes. Cobalt blue vintage glass S & P shakers, cruet set with rooster lids and butter warmers.
In the drawer on the left has Royal Stafford Harvest Home Hayride salad plates and purple Nippon dessert plates. I have more of the Royal Stafford plates but they're stored somewhere, maybe in the garage walk in closet, which I had converted to a dish closet too.

In the middle drawer are sushi stuff, flatware caddies and salt cellar dishes and spoons. The right drawer consists of cheese spreaders and napkin rings that do not fit in my napkin ring cabinet drawers.

On top of the cabinet are large soup tureens, Polish pottery servers, transferware pitchers and our sterling silver tea and coffee set.

I was so happy to be able to fit this huge set of Lancaster Rose patterned sterling silver above the cabinet, although the tray would not fit if placed flat to hold the set, so I leaned it against the wall. It used to sit on top of the formal dining room buffet and it took so much room, which prevented me to rearrange the table top that I enjoy doing.

Here is the cabinet as it is now. I know it will change every now and then as I rotate my dish collection but it will stay this way for a while except for the shelf with bar items. With the glass doors closed.

While I am in the kitchen, let me show you what's on top of the fridge. I moved some large glass jars that were standing on the floor to the top since I have more room on it now.

I just bought the smallest green jar with swirly twigs in it for $1.50 from the other vendors in the shop.

I also organized the hutch that used to be in the wall where the wide cabinet is now. As you know, I moved this cabinet to the breakfast nook near the window. I was able to fit 2 complete sets of dishes plus a snack set for 8 inside the glass cabinets and 2 more complete sets of
dishes in the cabinets behind the doors underneath. They are big pieces too, one is a pink and white service for 12 and the other one, Johnson Brothers' Friendly Village good for at least 16 people. On the buffet shelf and above the cabinet, I displayed lots of my bigger pieces of Polish pottery.

I have done so much work filling these cabinets in the kitchen and moving dishes around that I probably will not post again until Tablescape Thursday. So, I am linking with a lot of parties.

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I hope you will forgive me for this long post and showing so many photos but I wanted to show you the contents of the cabinet in its entirety. Thanks for your patience in browsing and thanks to our hostesses for their links and parties. Now, y'all visit them too!
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