Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Restin In Destin!!!

It has really been a super busy summer but absolutely fun. First, we went to California for my nephew's 25th wedding anniversaly celebration. Then, we went to Utah to check out the condo that John's daughter and family bought in a ski resort. Then we came back to our home airport only for me to check right back in to go to Illinois ( I had packed an extra suitcase which I left in the vehicle in the parking lot while we were in Utah) for my mother's 94th birthday celebration and John went home. I came back home after 4 days, only to pack for Destin, FL. I have been to 5 states in the month of July, nope, actually 6, because the closest airport is in Louisiana so count LA as the 6th. I am glad to be home sweet home now although I will miss all the family fun times. Now, back to Skype and Facetime!

I hope I get to post about my other trips later but let me share the latest one. We drove to Destin, about a 7 hour drive from here. My daughter Rochelle and family drove from the Tampa Bay area for about the same distance. Destin is midway between us so it is a perfect spot for us to meet. We rented a 2 bedroom condo in Sandestin and it was perfect for all of us with a lakeview from both living and master bedroom balconies.

The twins have grown so much since I last saw them in April.

John and Derek set up the umbrellas and cabana but had to take down the cabana cause they said it was obscuring the beach view from behind.

Halle looks so much like my other grandbaby Reese in this position. She is so chubby,  lol! She was almost a lb. lighter than Rea at birth but is now almost 2 lbs. heavier and she is younger.

Of course, grandma would rather babysit than swim and watch the babies while they napped.

Divas in training!

AJ took Halle for a swim after the nap. I cannot believe how much AJ has grown. I am only about a cm. taller than her now and we have the same shoe size.

My daughter Rochelle and her hubby, Derek and 3 daughters.

 The twins loved the water.

Time to pack up and go home. It was very hot and humid! This is Rea with lots of hair.

And this is Halle, still no hair like John. lol!

I am going to miss them so much but I will be very busy catching up on things at home since I was barely here for the whole month. Thanks for stopping by!

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The French Hutch said...

I love Destin and what a great spot to have a family vacation. I love the fun beach snaps and oh those sweet babies are growing so fast! Thanks for sharing your trip to Destin. I think you need a rest after so much travel….

the French Hutch

Jane Molins said...

Destin is the best destination of travel. You had post very beautiful pictures over here. I visited Destin with m family and enjoyed a lot of their beauty of nature and romantic atmosphere.
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Honey at 2805 said...

Have a great vacation! I love Destin!

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Sounds like you have enjoyed your travels, but deserve a rest now. The babies are getting so big - they grow up to fast.

GinaBVictorian said...

Oh, how fun! I just love the ocean! The twins are so precious! Love the photo of them with their shades on!
Thanks for sharing!


Oh Christine, you're granddaughters are so adorable and yes, sooo big too, and older sister, Miss AJ, is so pretty! You all look like you're enjoying summer so much and each other's company even more. I love Destin, it looks like I place I'd love to go smeday. Hope you visit Victoria's birthday bash, it's just under this new one with my very awaited transferware..lol! Give them a kiss for me!

kitty said...

What fun times, Christine! You and your family have such great times together. What a beautiful family.

Dolores said...

Oh what fun ! Your family is gorgeous, and the babies are so adorable. The beach is so pretty, Laura, my niece really enjoyed Destin.

Traci said...

How fun! Those twins are just too cute! I love chunky babies with rolls. They're the cutest!

ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

Beautiful family ~ and such a fun vacation ~ love the water ~ Great photos ~
~ thanks, namaste, (A Creative Harbor) on Blogger linked w/Outdoor Wednesday

Barbara said...

Hi! Christine, thanks for visiting. Looks like a great time with family. Must be hard when they all live so far away.
Beautiful white beach and the water looks warm.

Marigene said...

Christine, I can't believe how much those beautiful little girls have grown! Thanks for sharing your vacation.

bj said...

OMYGOSH....how these babies have grown. I can't even believe it. They are just adorable and I hope you know I just stole some of the photos to go on MY blog.:))
So glad you had such a good time...and you look AWESOME !!
XO bj

Vilt og vakkert said...


How nice it looks to be on the beach... and so beautiful babies ... I will be grandma in September .... long for that role!

Thank you for visiting my blog ;:OD)

Ann said...

Wonderful, wonderful vacation shots. The twins are just toooooo adorable. They look so sweet in blue to. Destin is where my daughter and SIL fam. have a home, would love to go there-looks so nice. Hope you can catch a breath soon--but traveling is my favorite sport.

SmilingSally said...

Oh, you are so fortunate to have sweet babies to dote upon! They are so blue-tiful!

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Christine!

joanne said...

beautiful babies on a beautiful beach....nice pix....

chubskulit said...

Awww they grow up so fast, really pretty.

Visiting from Blue Monday

My BLUE, have a great week ahead.

Annesphamily said...

Your family is beautiful! I love the sweetness of twins. So alike yet so different! You are very blessed. Have a beautiful day and get some rest! All that traveling would tire me out! LOL!

eJoops said...

Lovely family! Hopping by from Blue Monday!

Please come and see my BLUE, thank you.

Carmel Cole said...

oh i love their baby rolls. so cute chubby twin babies. what nice water adventure you have here. hope you could stop by on my Blue Monday at: http://www.jollytoes.com/2012/08/05/strolling-around-new-york-city/

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