Saturday, July 7, 2012

San Francisco, CA, 7-2012

My nephew (oldest sister's oldest kid) and his wife celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in Stockton, CA. It was a big celebration with 350 guests. All my brothers and sisters and mom from all different states attended so we had some sort of a  mini reunion which is always a lot of fun.

Two days after the big event, my niece Stephanie drove us around San Francisco. We crossed the Bay Bridge from Oakland.

I have been to San Francisco several times, but somehow, I am always fascinated by the city.

This almost reminded me of Florida because of the palms.

A toilet on a sidewalk of San Francisco.....I wonder if I could comfortably use that. I think I will be imagining all the passersby outside. It has a beautiful view though.
 Cable car
 The weather is always cool and the plants like it, keeping all their flowers just gorgeous looking.
 We were fortunate to get a parking space right across Pier 39 on the Fisherman's Wharf and John was kind enough to offer to stay and take care of my mom so me, my sisters, brother and niece can walk around.

Here I am posing with my niece, Stephanie. People often mistake her for me, never mind that I am over 20 years older than her. Do we really look alike?
 My sister, Tess from St. Louis, with  me.
 It was a lovely day with beautiful blue skies. I love the lamp posts and the hanging planters.
 From L to R: My youngest brother Vic and his wife Che, niece Stephanie, my oldest sister Fe, sister Tess and me. I am the youngest girl, just 3 years older then my brother. We have one more brother from Florida who is not in the picture. He flew out earlier because he had to go back to work.
 Here we are again!
 Gorgeous healthy flowers!
 My sister, Fe with her hubby, Kuya Johnny. Can you believe she will be 75 in December? She even outlasts me even when we go shopping, and you know I am a shopper, lol.
 There are still a few seals on the bay. Do you see them by the deck?

 The lavenders smelled soooo good!

 We were trying  to pose like the Little Mermaid in Denmark, by the Golden Gate Bridge, lol.

 There were a lot of seagulls flying all over. They seemed so big compared to the ones I am used to in Florida.
 I almost forgot that I have a panoramic feature in my camera but I remembered in the end, so I was able to take some shots.

I hope you enjoyed our trip photos. Thanks so much for your visits.
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