Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Decor, 2012

Whew! That was a lot of work but I am finally done decorating for Christmas, well not quite, but almost. Imagine putting away Thanksgiving decor and party stuff and taking down Christmas accessories from the attic and then decorating. My friend Noemie helped me which eased it up quite a bit. So many large bins!
Our carolers will greet you as soon as you enter in the foyer.
Those flowers on top of the pie table have been replaced for a more christmassy look. Look at the photo above.
Looking to the right is the living room and that is where I always set up the big tree. I had to move furniture around to accomodate the tree and the Christmas Village, which I decided to keep set up here. Last year, I had it in the family room on top of the tread mill.
 This time, I used the boxes used to store the buildings to elevate the village. I thought that would make it easier to store them back after Christmas.
 My friends with me are Brenda and Noemie. Believe it or not, we had another turkey dinner last night. They brought the food and I just prepared some desserts. After eating leftover turkey for 3 days, we had to eat fresh turkey again. I told them to better take all the leftover home cause I am not eating turkey leftover for another 3 days, lol.
Now we are going to the  family room.
 A Thomas Kinkaid Nativity. I think it is called "Bethlehem" I love it when the lights are on. I forgot to turn on the switch for the picture.


My Lladro bells.
in a corner by the TV

A smaller tree in the formal dining room. I mainly use pink, green and peacock accessories here. The ribbon is colored dark pink though it looks red here, and green.

My newest tree.  I bought this wire tree from Kirklands and I decided to hang kitchen accessories on it.
I think it's a very fun tree complete with little coke cans and bottle and some lollipops, cookware and kitchen gadgets.

Love the rolling pins and colander.

My Santa baker!

In the breakfast nook is the heavy wooden snowman I bought from Lynne about 3 years ago.

I finally got to decorate the mantel in the family room today.
I added ribbons to the 2 lamp posts in the living room.
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all of you especially the following hostesses whose parties I am linking with.

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Entertaining Women said...

You're ahead of me. Your decorations are all beautiful. Doing things with friends always makes a task more fun! Thanks for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

wow Christine. that looks like a high end Holiday shop.
talk about a lot of work. you are to be Applauded~! its all amazingly beautiful

Olive said...

Love the kitchen gadget tree Christine. Your village is huge and beautiful too. Happy Christmas, Olive

Shelia said...

Hi Christine! OH, I'm loving seeing your pretty decorating! Your big tree in your living room is gorgeous and your room is so beautiful! That was a smart thing to use the boxes to elevate your village! :) Now that little kitchen tree is so cute! I bought some kitcheny decorations last year to have a kitchen tree.
How nice to have helpers. In jr hi and hi school, my best friend's name was Naomi and I called her Noemie! :)
You look pretty just like always.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

SmilingSally said...

This is blue-tiful! I especially like the carolers by the front door, and that village, and that nativity scene. Oh, you just have it all!

Thanks for sharing.

Happy Blue Monday, Christine.

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Christine your home looks like a winter wonderland, so beautiful!!

Traci said...

Everything looks so good! I've got a ton left to do but I'm not sure that I'm going to do it this year. We'll see.

Judy Bigg said...

Wow, you have been working like crazy and it looks beautiful. Glad you have had some help and that makes it so much fun.

Beth said...

Hi Christine, Your living room is just stunning, as is your family room! Love the little kitchen tree too. Christine, you amaze me. You seem to have boundless energy, plus interior design skills that also know no boundaries!
Merry Christmas, Beth

Shenita @ Embellishments by SLR said...

Wow, Christine, your decor is beautiful! I'm just getting started! Your home is stunning and ready for the holidays! Love it!

Scribbler said...

Boy, are you a little bundle of creative energy!

Everything is so festive and cheerful. I really like that big carved chair!

Blondie's Journal said...

Beautiful, Christine! I know how much work this is but it's a pleasure, too! I love your Christmas village and all of your trees, especially the one in your kitchen! Great job!


Infuse With Liz said...

Wow Christine! You did a great job! Love the village- I feel guilty I haven't put mine out in a long time!
You're carolers at cute and the new tree from Kirklands is too! Your tree looks beautiful!

Marigene said... sure have been busy, looks wonderfully festive. I have hardly thought about decorating...maybe in a couple weeks.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gorgeous Christmas decor Christine.

As always, your comment makes me giddy!

Schotzy said...

Wow, so glorious and festive!! !Id be hard-pressed to choose my favorite vignette, but I do absolutely love the village... what a marvelous collection!!!!! YOU certainly have a merry heart and home!!!!

Schotzy said...

Wow, so glorious and festive!! !Id be hard-pressed to choose my favorite vignette, but I do absolutely love the village... what a marvelous collection!!!!! YOU certainly have a merry heart and home!!!!

Cindy said...

You have a beautiful home and your Christmas decor is lovely!
Hugs, Cindy

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Wow! Looks great and I bet you and your friends had fun decorating!
I have really scaled down the last few years.
Thanks for stopping by and nice comment. Enjoy your evening.

Sarah said...

Christine, wow you did get a lot done. Way ahead of me, my friend! I did get the turkeys and pumpkins packed away, but no sign of Christmas here as yet. ;-)

Enjoy your decorated home! ~ Sarah


Oh Chris, that is a lot of gorgeous arranging! Every part of your house looks so beautiful and festive and specially love the cute carolers welcoming us into your winter wonderland. The village is lovely and elevated is perfect! I love the Ladro bells. The Nativity is gorgeous too, everythinmg is eye candy at your house. I finished everything in about 3 days, I did have a hired girl who comes to help move boxes from the cellar and storage. Lots of work, but looks nice too, I am enjoying it. I'm having problems posting it, so I will write you a mail with questions. I'm loving your C'mas house, thanks for inviting me in!

Creations By Cindy said...

Girl, you ought to be tired! So beautiful! But I expected no different than that! Love all your Christmas! Hugs and blessings ,Cindy

Chubby Chieque said...

G´day Ate Xine…

Sorry for my late visit.

I am so busy these days due to the reason "End of the Year" soon.
As a banker, we have to clean up all open items in our books.
The diffs of shares and diff of Cash etc etc… Kaka-lula ang obra?

Anyway, I am sneaking from my task kasi coffee break na §;-)

I drooled to the MAX with all your Christmas blings.
I would do anything to get the Christmas village §;-) funny!!!

Everything's ready huh? Look at the Christmas Tree? Graciousness.

In Sweden, Swedes, put up the real Christmas tree day b4 Christmas Eve.
Not sure if I buy a plastic one. We always have real one standing outside.

Ate Xine… thank you so much for visiting me.
So much appreciated.

GB & Ingat,

mississippi artist said...

I just can't do this much any more-I get too tired!Everything is just beautiful-love your village and the kitchen tree.

Dixie n Dottie said...

All of your decorations are beautiful! Your Christmas village is gorgeous! They're my favorite! Would love if you'd join our Countdown to Christmas link party! Hope to see you there! Have a great week! :)

Tammigirl said...

Wow! Not only are your Christmas decorations in beautiful abundance, you have a lovely home! Congratulations. :)

Jacqueline said...

Everything is so beautiful! I just adore the kitchen tree. I have a fun pink one in the kitchen and moved it to the kitchen counter this year. That way the kiddies can see it better. I am done too and it feel so great. I wrapped grandkids gifts all day today so my bedroom is wrapping central. Can't wait to get hubby to move those out! You always do such a beautiful job Christine and you have such lovely things. How wonderful to have friends help!

Nonny said...

Your Christmas decorations are beautiful!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I look forward to reading your blog in the future!

Take care,

The Tablescaper said...

Your home looks gorgeous! Lucky you to have friends to help. As much as I like it, decorating can be quite the task!

- The Tablescaper

Magnolia Blues said...

Your house looks beautiful!!! I really love your tablescape. Everything looks so festive.I wish you and your family a very blessed and fantastic Christmas Season.


Carol said...

Wow, you have some beautiful Christmas decor. Adore your little Christmas village, and that kitchen tree is adorable.

Katherines Corner said...

you have some lovely decorations. Th e village is wonderful too. thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop.xo

Kathleen said...

Yes, you did a lot! I love your village. I don't think I am putting mine up this year. I have to do everything myself, and it is just too much.
I just finished doing the outside lights. Inside I still have a lot to do. Washing windows, curtains, baseboards as I go, so it takes a long time! I got my kitchen tree done today.
I was sorry to hear about John's dad. I remember you would post when you went to see him. My sympathy to John.

Rebecca S. said...

Wow, your Christmas decorations are beautiful.

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