Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Medical Caduceus

This tablescape will probably be more appreciated by anybody in the medical field so I dedicate it especially for  you.
My inspiration came from the big heavy pottery that is shaped like a giant beaker that John and I spotted at Pottery Barn while shopping in Baton Rouge when my granddaughter AJ was visiting the other week. It was on a clearance shelf marked down to $29 from $49 but when I checked out, we were pleasantly surprised to see that it was further discounted to $18.00. Yay!
I immediately thought of creating a centerpiece with it. I have other smaller graduated cylinders in various sizes that I thought would look good grouped with it, including a real small beaker that I used here as a tea candle holder.
I added a gold caduceus book end and placed them all on a round ceramic platform. I added flowers to the big beaker.

I happen to own a dinnerware inscribed with gold Caduceus (medical symbol) and RX  (prescription symbol) on them. I thought they would be perfect with this theme. I would have much rather used plates with a microscope but I do not have any. Anyway, I found the first few of these medical ones from a local thrift store and completed the set after an intensive search on Ebay.

I have had these plate chargers that I bought from JC Penney's a long time ago.
The beaker repurposed for tea light candle holder.

Since the inscription on the plates and glasses are in gold, I used German flatware with gold on them.
Brass napkin holders....I found a dozen of them in a beautiful velvet case from an antique store downtown for $3.00.
Don't you just love my cute little mortar and pestle? I actually used that in the lab. a long, long time ago.
These rings were tarnished when I bought them but I knew they would polish well and I was right.
I thought I would add my Lladro physician as a finishing touch. Doesn't he look like a snob?
I bought the pair of gold and glass hurricane candle holders from a Filipino friend who moved to another state.

The cups came in 2 sizes.

The set came with a butter server but the sales girl dropped the top part when she was wrapping it and it broke, so I just use it as a tray for the S & P shakers.

The white embroidered table cloth came from Grand Cayman.
Thanks for your visits. I hope you enjoyed viewing this as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thank you so much to the hostesses.

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