Monday, October 21, 2013

The Day of the Baby Shower

In previous weeks, I have shown you all the pottery that I gathered to get ready for the baby shower I was hosting. The time finally arrived and I want to show you how I arranged everything on the deck.
 We never knew how the weather would be so I could not set up ahead of time. I started early in the morning with the sunflowers I bought from the store and then added more cuttings from the garden.
Although I pretty much got everything ready, baked and prepared everything I could, there were still some stuff like frying eggrolls and shrimp toasts, etc. that could not be done ahead of time.
 Luckily, 4 of my friends offered to help me and they all arrived at 10 in the morning. Not only did they work, they brought our lunch too. What am I going to do without them? The party was scheduled at 3 PM. My kirchen was a beehive, Noemie vacuumed, Brenda applied the shrimp and chicken mixture on the French baguettes, Riza separated my frozen eggrolls and Maribel cut up the veggies and fruits and got the trays together with the dips.
 I set the table outside and got everything all set up.
 The girls helped me decorate outside too.

 The party was scheduled for 3 to 6 PM so I decided to make it a tea party, just pastries and oer d ouevres'.
Food for the Gods, eggrolls and shrimp/chicken toast below.
Below, you will also see a Brie cheese with Kahlua pecan topping, served with crackers, the recipe of which I copied from FB. It was really good.
 I ran out of time to bake cupcakes but I found some with plain white icing and I just added the blue pearls to decorate them
 I baked the raisin oatmeal and coconut pecan cookies from scratch but bought the pre made ghost dough from Walmart and just baked them.

 On the left corner of the table below is Fruta de Crema, a dessert with cream and fruit cocktail and lady fingers, the recipe of which I also got from Facebook. This was so good and I want to make it again soon, just for John and me, lol.
 I also made finger sized egg salad sandwiches.
 All teapots are Polish pottery, filled with peach melba tea, beer ginger tea, Damson plum tea and hazelnut coffee.

 The guest of honor finally arrived blindfolded, with her sister and mom, lol. She did not know where she was, although she wouldn't know where she was even without the blindfold anyway,  since she has never been here.
 She was totally surprised and even her mom and sister were tearful.
 Isn't she tiny? I think I looked more pregnant than her, lol, even though she is already due in Dec.

 We had so much fun playing games, and eating, of course. I heard some of them say this was the best baby shower they have ever attended. That statement, plus seeing all the girls have so much fun, made it worth all the work I did.

 My friends helped me take down all the decorations too, which I gave to the celebrant to take home.

After John's employees left, my friends called their families to come and join us and we continued the party inside the house. The baby shower ended at 6 PM and the weather was beautiful and sunny all day. Around 7 PM, the rain poured heavily with thunder and lightning. How lucky could I be that it cooperated and waited till after?

I was exhausted and it took me 2 days doing nothing to recuperate but we all had a lot of fun.
Thanks for allowing me to share this with you. And thank you to the hostesses that I am linking to.
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