Friday, October 4, 2013

Touring the Government House, Regina, Sask, Canada

Last summer, my friends from College and I had a reunion in Regina for a week. One of the places we toured was the government center. We also had high tea there. What a wonderful experience!

 The flowers were so fresh and gorgeous!

 Here we are! We usually do not bring our hubbies when we meet for reunions. The only husband present is the hubby of the one hosting the event. Last year, I hosted it so whenever John was available, he went on the tours with us. I am not giving away our age but although 3 of us pursued their education to an MD degree, we all graduated from a 4 year college degree in 1970. So, you can pretty much guess how old we are.

 Aren't the flowers just lovely?

 And so the tour of the building begins......
 What a grand hall!

 Look at all the stems! I wonder if they really use all of them at dinner time.
 I thought the highlighted paragraph below was interesting. I think they are referring to the governor's wife here.
 We thought that mirror was haunted. The objects reflected on it were moving but we could not see the mirror moving. It was really strange.

 I love the blue and white tea set.

 We sat and waited here while they were setting up the tea room. Isn't this so pretty? I would love to have a sun room/conservatory like this.
 Finally, it was time for high tea! Thanks to the our hostess and her hubby for giving us this sweet treat! It was so gracious of them.

 Here we all are on 2 tables.

It truly was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed the tea and goodies. We had so much fun. Thanks, Jazmine and Zbigniew!
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