Thursday, July 3, 2014

Rev It Up Trike-a Thon for Rea and Meeting Debby of Just Breathe

We had a very successful Rev It Up for Rea Trike-a Thon last week, on June 28th. It was held at the Veterans Park in Hudson, FL. My youngest daughter organized it and it went so well and so organized in spite of the big turn out. We were also able to raise a good amount of money for Rea and her family, to help with medical bills, trips back and forth to the hospitals and just to offer as much normalcy to their family life.
And so the celebrity twins arrive! Halle on the left and Rea on the right!
 My nephew made this huge banner and sent it all the way from Callifornia. Thanks, Jonjet!
 A table was set for registration. My daughter in law, Becky and her mom, Debbie, gave out raffle tickets, stickers and awareness bracelets, as they greeted the supporters and guests.
 My most exciting surprise was when someone called my name and when I looked, I thought she looked so familiar. Of course she was, because I have communicated with her for years through my blog and I have seen her picture several times on her blog. It's Debby of Just Breathe, who totally surprised me. And what a pleasant surprise! She lives all the way in San Diego but she just happened to be visiting her dad in Florida, who just turned 91 (Happy birthday, dad!). Doesn't he look good for his age? Debby said she did not tell me they were coming because she wasn't sure if they would make it and she wanted to surprise me if they did. Thank you so much, Debby! I appreciate your support and how wonderful to finally meet you in person.

 My hubby flew in for the weekend so he could join us too and show his support. I am so glad he came because I hardly see him these days, or should I say, months!
 Thanks to Publix, Actsoft (Thanks Ashley Overbaugh!) and Crispers (Thanks, Erica!) for donating all these yummy food! Thanks also to Steve, my daughter Tina's father in law, for taking charge of the food booth.
Tina's mom in law, Peggy and friend, Jen, who left her home at 5:30 AM to make it there on time from where she lives, took care of the donation pledges for the t shirts booth. Thanks, Peggy and Jen!
 Kids wrote something for Rea and signed the cards. We enjoyed reading their cute little messages.
 Thanks again, Debby and dad for my biggest surprise of the day!
 We had several booths set up for kids to enjoy, make your own mask, face painting, decorate your trikes, etc.
 Thanks to our face painting artists! They did an excellent job.
 Kids came to show their love and support for Rea.
 And there was so much excitement when the trike-a-thon finally began. Kids came with their trikes, bikes, scooters, etc.

 They chanted, "Hip...hip...HooRea!!!!! Hip...hip...HooRea! And my daughter Rochelle lost it and started crying. It was a very touching moment indeed!

 The adults joined in the trike-a-thon too, wheeling their little ones in their strollers
 We had drawing for the prizes, all given by generous donors! Too bad I could not win because immediate family members were not given raffle tickets. I would have loved to win the 2 night stay at Embassy Suites in Orlando.

 The t shirts were also donated by my nephew from California who made the banner. Thanks again, Jonjet!
 We had way over 200 people come and join us. So much outpouring love and support for Rea could be felt all morning.

 A large banner was set up so everybody can write a note for Rea. It is now displayed in her hospital room while she is getting her chemo, which I am happy to say, that she is tolerating very well.

 Rea was overwhelmed with so many people surrounding her whom she did not know and felt shy, that she just wanted to be held. But once we got in the car, she kept saying, "The party was for me and it is the biggest party I've ever seen!"
 Thanks to all the organizers and helpers for making the event a very huge success.
I would like to add that Rea is doing very well and is tolerating the chemo treatments. Thank you so much to everyone praying for her. 

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