Monday, October 19, 2015

A Fun Packed Weekend in South and SW Florida

John decided to go visit my stepdaughter. Kerri, his daughter and her family over the weekend. They live about a 3.5 hour drive from us.
Kerri awesome Halloween d├ęcor is underway for their biggest annual Halloween party coming up soon and this is what welcomed us.

 We only stayed home for a while and then we were off to go to Goodwill and then picked up the kids from a movie theater and we all went out for pizza. After eating, we went home for a while to get warm clothing and then went to watch a hockey game, USF vs FAU. Not sure who I would root for since my daughter Tina went to both.
 Father and Daughter
 The kids enjoying hot chocolate while watching, It was cold!
 The next morning, we had bagels at Brooklyn Water Bagel Co, a good place to have breakfast.

 Then home for a while and later went to Oktoberfest.

So happy to find a ghost pepper plant and I bought one. I love spicy food! The hotter, the better!

 We went home for a while and then headed out again to a Mexican Restaurant where Kerri's hubby , Steve, was playing in a band.
Meet the grandkids!
 There is Steve in the corner.
 We ate dinner there too and it was delicious.
 Cute little Watson!
 Holden trying to scare Watson with his mask but he does not seem to be scared.

John and I left the following morning so we could catch the noon mass at Ave Maria, Fl, which is a 2 hour drive away towards home.
I have driven all over Florida many times but this weekend was the first time I ever saw a "Panther Crossing" sign.
 This is the Quasi Parish of Ave Maria oratory. Isn't it beautiful? The shape reminds me of a bishop's mitre.
 The exit
 I thought it was pretty neat for residents to be going to church in their golf cart and on their bikes. What a nice little community!

Well, we are home now and have a day to rest because tomorrow, we are off again to fly to Chicago to visit my sister and my mom.
Thank you so much for stopping by!
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