Saturday, April 23, 2016

Refinishing Office Wall Unit and Guestroom 2/Office Combo Transformation

I am so relieved after I finished painting this wall unit. We moved it from MS and it sat on the back porch, since the garage is full of boxes that I still need to open and organize. I thought we couldn't use it here but I was able to fit 3 of the wall units. Now it is functional cause John and I can use our computers at the same time when we want to.

 This is the original finish and as you can see, it came in 4 units and a table. But we downsized and we do not have a dedicated home office here in FL. so we couldn't fit all. I wouldn't have touched this furniture if we stayed in our Natchez home but our FL home is so much smaller and I want it to look brighter. We left one unit on the back porch in its original finish. I painted and distressed  the 2 desks with hutches and a center unit for our files (bottom), TV and printer. There is no room anywhere for the table.

This is our second guestroom that doubles as our office before we moved more furniture from Natchez. You can see the desk across the bed. John and I had to take turns using the computer because the space is small. We couldn't even fit both of our desktops.
 And the pictures below is how the room looks now.

 Let me take you around the room. I had to move a lot of furniture around the house to be able to place what we moved from Natchez, MS. this past March. I could have sold that dark narrow cabinet but I need it to store my many photo albums. I am still debating if I should paint it also but for now, I will leave it as is. All the albums aren't in there yet, probably some still in boxes.

 That colorful striped cabinet used to be in the dining room but I had to replace it with a French buffet moved from Natchez. This is the only space that I could think of moving it to.
Ahh! There is my blue for Blue Moday.
 The little table was moved from the family room and John is using it for his small laptop.
 Below is John's desk.
 and this is my side

 We had the cable guy come today and he installed the TV. So nice to be able to watch news while blogging or facebooking, lol.
I am just so happy that we managed to make it work. We are using the desks more often now because it is more convenient and functional.

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Christine, you're a genious to fit ans rearrange your Natchez furnishings into smaller quarters and making it look great!
Love the room, it looks so pretty and very comfy too.

Linda said...

Christine, everything looks beautiful, cozy and heartwarming, and I love the office area with the two work stations and computers!

bj said...

what a great job you have done, is, indeed, a chore. we have been in our new place for almost 3 yrs now and i STILL have boxes I haven't even looked at....all in good time, I guess.
I love your the color you used on your large cabinet...

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Looks like you've gotten creative with your downsizing options. The dual computer set up looks great. The room is cute and cozy and any guest would feel at home there.

Snap said...

Moving is such a chore and you are making it look easy! You are really making your new place HOME. This room looks lovely. Well done!

LV said...

You have done a great job utilizing the space so well. Moving is never easy.

Unknown said...

What a great transformation!!! And the rest of the room looks amazing!!

Thanks for sharing on Dishing It & Digging It.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Love the transformation, Christine. I liked the wood but the white distressed is brighter and I am a big fan of distressed furniture anyway. Everything works well in your space. Thank you for sharing with us and enjoy your day.


Bernideen said...

Dear Christine:
You have done an amazing job of reconfiguring things and making a room soft and pretty. I love the stacked high items too and your paint job looks totally lovely! Thanks for sharing and linking.

Vel Criste said...

I do love the new finish, goes well with your guestroom !

Sandra Lee said...

Great work Christine and I love that striped cabinet. Thanks you for sharing your links this week at Celebrate Your Story.

Bernideen said...

Dear Christine:
This post was one of the special featured ones on my blog today. Congratulations and have a great weekend in your new home!

Audra @ Renewed Projects said...

Great job on maximizing space and making it cute! Love that stripped night stand/buffet.

Adairs said...

I really glad to see your post and your work was so brilliant.Much appreciated!!

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Smith Rolline said...

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