Friday, June 24, 2016

My Small Garden in Florida

We have a small yard in Florida as compared to what we have in Natchez. I run out of places to plant but the advantage is that I have a smaller area to maintain.

 We moved all these iron pieces from Natchez and I am happy that I have a place to have tea parties with my grandkids and have a place to sit and rest when I have to.

I want to eventually lay my brick tiles underneath this set so that my son in law Scott, my free lawn guy, do not have to mow this area, but again, they have not been moved from Natchez yet.

 I planted some tropical fruit trees. This is a mango. It is a carrie tree. It had so many blooms but they all fell. We were told all carrie mango trees did that this year so now, I don't feel too bad.
 This one's a lychee and I cannot wait for it to start bearing fruits.
And this is my other mango tree, a nom doc mai, and it is giving me a lot of fruits. Can't wait till they are ready to pick.

I started a little flower bed here because I bought a sampaguita, a Philippine jasmine. I would like to put maybe a bird bath or a small fountain here but I want to wait until I move everything from our garden in Natchez. This is a ongoing working project.

A sampaguita, the flowers smell wonderful!

I wish the plants would grown taller and more lush to conceal all that pool equipment.

 My garden helper, Reese, our neighbor and my granddaughter.
Reese's and my latest garden project. We are still waiting for more accessories that I found from Ebay.

 View from our bedroom
and when I am blogging from the bedside.

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