Sunday, October 23, 2016

A Fun Tea Party/Dinner with Our Neighbors

We had such a fun time tonight! I had our German neighbors and my daughter and her family (who are also my neighbors) over for a tea party and dinner. The weather was so nice so I set a buffet table in the dining room but we just all sat on the back porch to eat and socialize.

 I served mostly food that I could prepare in advance. I made the eggrolls 2 days ago and froze them and just fried them this afternoon. I also prepared the chicken empanada yesterday but baked them early this afternoon.

 I had taught my daughter how to make shrimp toast so she helped me and made them.
 My grandkids like egg salad sandwich so I boiled the eggs yesterday but mixed the salad and made the sandwiches today. I baked a mango/peach chiffon cake yesterday.
 Unlike Filipinos, Germans are always on time. My invitation was at 5 PM and I was ready. Yay!!
Presenting one of them, our beautiful dear friend, Natascha!
 My grandkids were hovering over my wormy orange punch.
 I had them decorate the punch with gummy worms, a nice Halloween treat.
 They really enjoyed it. I did too but I added champagne on mine, lol.
 More guests, some of them visiting all the way from Berlin and Illinois.
 They were really very appreciative of the food. I am glad they enjoyed it.

I was handed these flowers. Aren't they pretty? Thanks, Todd and Stephanie!

My daughter, Tina and son in law, Scott.
 Last but not least, I got a picture of dh too.
To all our guests, thank you for the lovely evening!

Thank you all for visiting my blog and for your comments.

To all the hostesses, thank you for all the parties!

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