Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blues, Awards and New Rug in the Foyer

It's Monday and again, I have been busy taking pictures so I can join both Blue Monday and Met. Monday, which I enjoy. Thanks to both Sal at and Susan at for sponsoring these fun events! Please be sure you visit their blogs and then visit all the other participants. I know you will really enjoy them.
Last Saturday, I took you to Our Blessed Virgin Mary's home near Ephesus. I
have made a little home for her in our house too, which I would like to share with you now. This is in a short hall connecting the family room and the kitchen. We have a little niche which I thought would be perfect for her home and for Baby Jesus and my collection of Saints.Isn't she beautiful? Please click to enlarge so you can see her amiable face.
Right across her little home is a wall where I hung a picture of our Lady of Fatima with the 3 children, Jacinta, Francisco and Lucia who witnessed the apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary at the Cova da Aria while tending to their sheep.
We bought this in Fatima, Portugal. Would you like to go there one of these Saturdays? The picture is made out of 6 tiles and we had it framed here.

There's Baby Jesus! Do you see the saint who is laying on one side at Jesus' left side? That is Saint Cecilia, the patron Saint of musicians. She was beheaded and was buried in the catacombs.
Isn't Baby Jesus handsome? I bought Him from a flea market in Barcelona, Spain. He is not exactly blue but we make Him feel blue when we are being bad.

Here you will see exactly where the niche is.
Let's take a little break before I show you my Met. Mon. post.

First, I would like to thank Shelia of for presenting me this wonderful Best Blog Thinker award. I just received this award from Marty of a few days ago and posted the rules on my Holy Cottage in the Mountain post so please refer to that for the rules.
Another award? I cannot believe how wonderful my friends are at Blogland. These are just too much awards for me. I don't think I really deserve them. This Sisterhood award was presented to me by Laura at and Susan of Ann of presented me this award also a few days ago and just like the Best Blog Thinker award, I posted the rules on my Holy Cottage on the Mountain post. Please refer to that also. Please visit all these wonderful ladies. They are what makes blogland a lot of fun!
Now, it's time to show you my Met Monday post.

This is the "before" picture of our foyer.
and "after" Can you spot the difference?
and after
and after. If you noticed, I replaced the mirror with a rectangular one. It is framed in black slate so even if the oval mirror matches the chest, I think the slate in the rectangular mirror goes well with the black slate floor.
Here is a close up of what's on top of the chest now.
and after.

I still have the same frame, the same vase with Bird of Paradise flowers but I replaced the bamboo stool with a marble top pedestal with a small Buddha fountain on it.
Here's a close up of the fountain. I think it gives the space a relaxing atmosphere.
A view from the formal dining room.a little closer
the view from the formal living room.
This is a really cheap picture I bought from K Mart a long time ago. I just love what it says.
A cherub and a live plant on the right as you enter the front door .
I hope you enjoyed the changes of the foyer. I really like the round rug with scalloped edges. I thought it matched the chest perfectly. Best of all, we got it for free yesterday! We stumbled into a rug store that is closing and everything was sold at 75% off. We bought 4 larger hand knotted Persian wool rugs and I negotiated with the seller to give me this for free. And he did! It never hurts to ask, isn't it?

Now, I am off to see the other posts. Hope to see you all there.

Thanks Sal and Susan, for sponsoring Blue and Met Monday.


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

You have such a beautiful home and so many wonderful things from you travels to decorate it!

Happy Blue Monday!


Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Christine, I so love the home you've created for the Blessed Mary and Baby Jesus in your niche. It is just stunning. I love all the figures of the saints that you have collected. A wonderful spot to stop and give thanks every time you pass by. Also, you new rug and mirror and decorations in the hall are just gorgeous. The befores were stunning, and the afters are just as stunning. You have such beautiful furniture and accessories and you always create such beautiful displays and vignettes. What a treat to see and such inspiration. Love ya, Hugs, Marty BTW you do so deserve all the wonderful awards that you receive. You are a very special person.

janet said...

your home is beautiful, and your entrance is so grand...absolutely lovely and all your changes are fantastic

Blondie's Journal said...


Let me just say that I love your home and all of your beautiful furniture, keepsakes & treasures and decor...I could go on & on. But first, the changes in the foyer are wonderful, the new rug is perfect. The round shape contrasts the rectangular hall. You forgot to mention the change of the cushion on the setee by the front door from red to beige (I notice these subtle things when I am examining photos!!! ;-). Love it!

The niche in the hall is the perfect place for the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. It is both beautiful and serene, the perfect place to stop and reflect.

I am so happy for you and all the recent awards you have received. You see, everyone enjoys your blog many times over!


Rue said...

Hi Christine :)

I've always loved your foyer and the changes you made are perfect! You got that rug for free?? Dang! I should shop with you ;)


PAT said...

Beautiful Blue Monday post, Christine.

Your foyer is beautiful!! Great post!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Christine, you have been SO busy, and it shows! Great job! And I love all of your religious icons. They are lovely. The image of Mary from Fatima is particularly beautiful.

Happy Blue Monday!


Sheila :-)

Four Paws and Co said...

Your home is beautiful Christine! Love all the changes! Happy Blue Monday! ♥ Diane

Rechelle ~Walnuthaven Cottage~ said...

That niche is the perfect place for your collection. Mary, does indeed have a beautiful face! Am I mistaken or do I see "Santo Nino de Atoche" in that collection?
The foyer looks so good! Small changes can sure make a huge impact!

Gie's Tidbits said...

WOW, your home is really beautiful. I love the framed Lady of Fatima.

playsdolls said...

What a beautiful home you have with lots of nice decor.

Chandy said...

What a great looking foyer Christine! You did a great job! I love the Virgin Mary and the Baby Jesus as well...


Kat said...

What a great post Christine! I love what you did with the foyer, that rug is perfect and like the square mirror. Your home is so inviting! Congrats on the awards, you are so deserving of them. You have jumped right into this and are doing a great job! And you know I love the St. Cecilia icon, you have a beautiful collection. Kathy

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Your blues with Mary are lovely. The rug in the entry is outstanding, as well as all the other decorative touches. Very artistic eye you have! Linda

Bo said...

Hi Christine...what a great post from you today...the niche is just perfect for the Virgin Mary & Baby Jesus...I did not know about St. Cecelia...such a cruel thing to happen to her. Love that scalloped rug!
;-) Bo

Sweetie said...

Your Mother and Child space is breath taking. I am thinking that my Mother would have loved it. Happy Blue Monday!

Shelia said...

Morning, Sweetness! You deserve all the awards! I just love the little niche for Mary, Jesus and the Saints - it's so lovely. Now for your rug and mirror in the entry! How beautiful! You have such an eye for beauty and you have so many beautiful things! I love seeing your lovely home. Keep showing us pictures!!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

SmilingSally said...

That niche does seem to call out for decorating with something special. I'm sure you're pleased with what you've done. Your home is beautiful before AND after. Thanks for sharing. Happy Blue Monday.

Chandy said...

Hi Christine! Thanks for visiting again, but no that wasn't a pink charger. It was a Bordallo Pink cake stand I found from Marshall's. I'd love to find some chargers like that that's for sure!

;-D Enjoy your week!

Confessions of a Plate Addict said...

Wow Christine! I loved the before, but the after is gorgeous! The niche for the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus is beautiful. And I LOVE your new unusual! Have a great week...Debbie

nikkicrumpet said...

First off your home is absolutely gorgeous! I love all the rich woodwork. That niche looks like it was custom made just for your collection! What a perfect spot! And the changes you made in the foyer were simple but had really big impact! I think the new rug is really pretty..and you sure can't beat the price!!! But my favorite change is the mirror. funny how that rectangle mirror made such a big difference! It all looks beautiful! You've done such a great job decorating your home.

Heidi Pocketbook said...

Everything is so pretty, Christine. I'm particularly taken with your niche, it's so cool!

Have a great Blue Monday☺

Anonymous said...

Perfect home perfect niche and I love the transformation to the wood. You have a lovely, warm and inviting home.
Love Claudie

ellen b. said...

It really is so great that you have travelled around the world so much and brought back some great memories from these different countries. Lots of great blue today! Blessings...

Michelle, All Home and Love said...

What a beautiful new rug! Everything looks great. Your niche is lovely.

Anonymous said...

You have found a lovely way to display the treasures you have collected.

Kathy b

Tomarie said...

C, I loved each and every pic! The rug goes fabulously in your entryway! Just love the warm and rich colors! Loved all your accessories....AND the tiled painting is absolutely beautiful!! Great post! L~

Justine said...

Testing. Testing. I think it's gonna work, Christine!
I'll just give you a super short version of my earlier comment.

Justine :o )

Susan @ The Good Life! said...

I love the nook where you have Mary. Your entrance is beautiful! Can we see more of your house? Kitchen? Please? Thanks!

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Hi Christine,
I tried posting earlier today, and it just wouldn't let me. I love your beautiful home and the place for the Virgin Mary and Jesus. I also just love your foyer and the lovely changes you made! Cindy

Tardevil said...

Your home is fab whether you "metamorphosis" it or not! :O) I do like the black mirror better though. The saints display is cool too. I especially like the 6 blue tiles. Congrats on your awards & have a great week!

mimi23 said...

your home is as beautiful as you are! it's always a treat to see what you have created. even though everything is just perfect we are compelled to attempt to change for the better...i think it's an addiction...ha! there are worse things!!! :-) love, linda

Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

C/x the foyer is so much lighter and fresher, great changes!

Shelia said...

Hi Christine! I hope your day has went well. Thank you, Dear One, for the visit and I will enter your name in my giveaway!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Christine,..I love ALL your changes.Who knew it could make that much difference.Congrats on the awards.You're a precious friend...Ann

santamaker said...

Love your Sra. da Fatima tiled picture. I lived in Portugal for several years and remember seeing these. So pretty.

Nicole ~ said...

Hey Christine, that niche is perfect for Mary, baby Jesus, and the Saints. And, your framed tile picture from Portugal is gorgeous, it is so detailed. I cannot believe your beautiful rug was free!! I really like it in your foyer.

Glenda said...

The feng shui of your foyer has been enhanced with the addition of your lovely fountain. The framing of the beautiful tiles looks wonderful. The slate surround of the mirror works, for me, to tie everything together.

Elaine said...

Christine....your home is lovely. I can tell you've put so much thought and love into it and it definitely shows!
Elaine :)

imjacobsmom said...

Christine, Your home is gorgeous! I love how the niche is just perfect for your collection. I'd love to see Fatima. (I used to watch that movie when I was younger.) Your rug and mirror were nice changes. They do compliment the tile and cabinet nicely. ~ Robyn

lvroftiques said...

Christine I never saw your niche before!! Oh girl how wonderful!! I LOVE your virgin Mary and baby Jesus! They are dreamy! What a perfect display for them! And of course I love all your changes *winks* Love Vanna

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