Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Springtime tablescape and Shoes: Can a girl ever have enough of them?

It's Thursday, so it's again time for another tablescaping, an exciting event sponsored by our gracious hostess Susan, at Do yourself a favor and experience Susan's amazing blog and then check out the tablescapes of everybody else who is participating. I did not participate last week and I felt so left out (Boo hoo!), so I am determined to send in a contribution for this week. I am also participating for Themed Thursday, hosted by KD at My Themed Thursday post will immediately follow Tablescape Thursday so stay tuned.
For today's tablescape, I decided on a garden theme, since I see flowers popping out in the garden, slowly but surely. Spring is just around the corner!
This is our breakfast nook.
A little fountain is hanging on the brick wall right outside the window. I had a climbing plant below it but it died when it got cold. I am still looking for something that will grow, climb and adhere to the brick but everytime I ask a plant nursery attendant, they always tell me they are out of it. Here, you see a good view of the back porch fountain.
We have no toddler here but we have a Victorian high chair in the corner, for our grandkids to use when they visit.
I borrowed our French pot with an attached trellis and an ivy planted in it, from the back porch, to put in the corner. I think it adds to the garden theme.
I looked for a white tablecloth with pink flowers but I could not find one. Then I found this curtain from Walmart. It has pink flowers and green leaves lined with white embroideries. It was too long for the table and it had a valance attached to the top so I cut it and added the scalloped end back. The bottom was also scalloped. I added a lace to cover the seam. I also added lace on the other side of the curtain just for balance and uniformity. Now, I have a springy tablecloth!
I used my green ruffled placemats again, green stemmed tumblers, a flower embroidered napkin held by 2 shades of pink glass beads. The handles of the flatware also have flowers on them. I hope you click on this picture so you can see the details on the plates.
I added a yellow and pink bunny topped tea light candle holders. I like how they have flower shaped punches allowing the light to escape through. I also used 2 little tulip shaped crystal candle holders.
A garden isn't complete without birds and a bunny.
The dinnerware is an ironstone in a discontinued "Cameo Florals" pattern. I fell in love with the embossed and scalloped design. I found them on Ebay and I thought I could use them as our everyday spring dishes since they are practical too. They can go from the oven to the dishwasher. And don't you just love the spring colors? I also got a complete big set including 16 dinner plates so it did not matter to me if the pattern has been discontinued.
For a centerpiece, I used a simple tulip plant with pink flowers and I placed it in an iron scrolled pot.
I hope you enjoyed my simple tablescape for today. Thanks for visiting.
Thanks Susan, for sponsoring it.
Now it's time for Themed Thursday and the theme for today is "Shoes". Themed Thursday is sponsored by KD at Be sure you visit her blog and check out everybody else's shoe obsession.
When I heard that the theme for this week's Themed Thursday will be shoes, I got excited! I knew I would be able to join in the fun. If you have seen my shoes on RMS, you would know that shoes are one of my weaknesses (and I have lots of weaknesses...LOL!).
We moved here 2 years ago this month. Since John was still working, I had my nephew help me move so we can take the 2 vehicles. John had to fly because his job here would start right away. Anyway, in additon to the vehicles, the van my nephew drove pulled a trailer. I filled both vehicles and the trailer completely with stuff, shoes included.
Then, I had to go back to Florida where we moved from, to supervise the movers that the hospital hired to move us. One of the movers asked if I am related to Imelda Marcos. He said he asked me that because I have so many shoes. I laughed because he was not aware that half of my shoes have already been moved to our new residence. LOL!
Themed Thursday is graciously hosted by KD at so be sure you visit her, check out her shoes and then check out everybody else's who are participating.

We have a 3- car garage with a big walk in closet plus these 5 shelved closets. I came home one time from one of my Florida trips and my husband just could not wait to show me the closets. He had cleaned 2 of them, painted them, bought plastic boxes and organized all my shoes.
Take a look! Aren't they neatly stacked? Didn't he do a good job? What I like about them too is that each pair is in individual clear boxes. I can just open the closets before I go anywhere and pick which shoes I want to wear without opening the boxes.
In case you are wondering what's behind the other 3 doors, they're mostly cleaning supplies, tools, leftover paints, my huge bamboo easel and a centralized vacuum system for the house which I never use. Please forgive the mess, the boxes outside the doors. I am waiting for a guy to come to put them in the attic. I am such a scary cat, I am afraid to go up there.
And yes, I still more shoes in the shelves by the window, under the bench and in the coats closet inside the house. LOL! My boots
These are my favorite Coach boots.
Since we are in the garage, I might as well show you John's exercise machine. He plays pingpong with a robot. The balls shoot out of that machine one by one similar to what tennis players use when they practice. It's pretty neat cause it oscillates and the speed can be adjusted. I can even play it if I set it on REAL slow...LOL! It plays a lot better than me that is why John prefers it over me to play with. LOL!
Thank you so much for coming and come back again very soon! Thank you KD, for hosting Themed Thursday with one of my favorite subjects.

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