Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Love is in the Air or on the Table!

Welcome to the first Tablescape Thursday! Thanks to Susan at for hosting this. You should visit her blog and view her romantic tablescape and also check out everybody else's who are participating. I was going to wait until next week to post this but since it's already set up, I might as well post it now. Besides, I might get busy next week to prepare for a formal mardi gras party we are attending.
For this set up, I chose a red tablecloth and a white lace runner. I found the wooden roses at dollar tree and I thought they were unusual and I like unusual things.
For a centerpiece, I used a little ceramic box, not really sure what it is used for but I thought the color will work, I added the roses and found a little planter with a cherub on either side, lined it with a napkin with a heart and placed the box with roses in there. I thought it made an interesting layer. I used a crystal tumbler and a wine stemware with a red heart in it. I found it at Walgreens. Do you see the squiggly stem? I also added block letters spelled "True Love" and a cherub sitting on the letters spelled "LOVE". Do you think I have enough love on this table? LOL!
I lined the beaded basket with a red paper heart doily and I plan to put some macaroons in there, which are my hubby's favorites.
I found this crystal candlestick holder from Home Goods store in Pensacola last weekend. I searched and searched for another one but couldn't find any. It was on sale for $5 so I bought it anyway.
I used a red heart placemat, my lace plate charger, Princess House Pavilion dinner plate and a Valentine's salad plate I found at TJ Maxx for $2.99.
just another view
and another
It is chilly tonight so I burned wood in the fireplace.
I hope you enjoyed my Valentine's table for 2. We will just use it for lunch on Valentine's Day because we will be going to a mardi gras ball at night. Thanks for coming. I am off to see the other tablescapes now.
Thanks again, Susan, for hosting this fun event!

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