Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A California Garden

Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/ has been hosting Outdoor Wed. Today is no different. Check out her site and then visit all her participants also for great outdoor pictures.

Last week I went to California, not a leisure trip but rather to attend my aunt's funeral. It is sad to lose someone you love and I know I will miss her and yet, I am relieved knowing that she is free of pain now and is enjoying the company of Jesus. I am sure of that because a day before she passed away, she told everybody around her that she just saw God and He told her that He will take her the following day.
My sister from Illinois, nephew and niece from Stockton, and I stayed with my deceased aunt's brother and his wife. I really enjoyed his yard and garden so I started taking pictures. I told my uncle that I will post them on my blog. So, here they are!
Below is my uncle and his wife's home and in front of it is (L to R) my niece, aunt, my oldest sister and my uncle.
me, my sis and aunt
I fell in love with their landscaping. I like how the shrubs are trimmed.

Isn't that a pretty door?
I just love this portico entry.

This is the backyard. It gave me some ideas on what to do with the hill surrounding our gazebo. I did not know I could plant some shrubs. I was just letting grass and Asian jasmines grow but now, I will plant some shrubs too, even small trees.
I love the persimmons.
and the guavas.
Thanks to Susan for another great Outdoor Wednesday and I want to thank you all for coming by. I also want to thank my uncle and aunt for their hospitality while we were in California and for allowing me to feature their beautiful garden.

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