Sunday, September 13, 2009

Red, White and BLUE Present From My Sis and Let's Get Organized!

A week has gone by and so it's Monday again. That means it's time for Blue and Metamorphosis Monday. Let's all join Sally of and Susan of and view lots of wonderful blues and "befores and afters".
After my sister visited us a few weeks ago, she called and said, almost apologetically, and told me she knows I have a lot of plates but she saw this set in a store and thought I could use them for Labor Day or Independence Day. And she thought I wouldn't want them because I had enough plates? Doesn't she know I am a plate addict? LOL! I LOVE THEM! And they are perfect to use for an outdoor table setting for the 4th of July. She sent me 16 dinner plates, 6 salad or cereal bowls, 2 oval serving trays, 2 serving bowls and 2 chip and dip servers. Perfect! Now I can't wait for Independence Day to come. I could even use them for Memorial Day too, can't I?
Isn't my sister thoughtful? I just love her so much! Thanks, Atsi!
Now, let's get busy with all the bloggers who are doing makeovers.
John was busy organizing the garage. We decided to move as many boxes as possible in the attic.
Lots of sorting going on in here.
I am glad he can still manage to smile even if I am not helping him, LOL! You see, I just got back from a Florida trip and I have a lot of cleaning, unpacking and organizing to do inside the house too.

Looking a little bit better below, right?
Here is a big walk in closet.Here is what you see when you open it.
to the right are lots of labeled plastic bins.
I have to find time to sort all those clothes so I can give what I don't need to goodwill.
To the left are luggage. Do you think we have enough? Sad to say but we have more inside the house too.
We bought this from an antique store 2 weeks ago. DH said it reminds him of his grandma's and he couldn't wait to buy it. I asked him what he will use it for because for an old cabinet, it wasn't cheap. It costs us $250. He said he had plans. I asked if I could use it for my plates and he said "NO" so I thought he was saving it for something special. I came home and found out what he has stored in it.... cleaning supplies! LOL! Can you believe that?
As for me, I have better use of my storage cabinet. I use it for my craft supplies.
Ok, let's go to the attic now. We had our maintenance guy put floors, at least on some part of it.
We started moving plastic storage bins up there 2 weeks ago but I had to leave for FL so the job was halted.
still more boxes to put up there

I am excited at how much we can store up there.
and look at how much more room we can use if we ran out. You can't even see all the way to the other side but we have a ladder at the very end too. Hey! do you see the orbs?
As you can see, we are not quite done yet but we should be finished tomorrow if the gardener shows up, but he is going to be lifting instead of gardening. Aaaah! projects, that's our midde name, LOL!
Thanks, y'all for stopping by!
And thanks Sally and Susan, for hosting and allowing us to participate.

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