Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's Go To a Fall Cloche Party!

I thought I would add one more picture. I took this in FL last July after pulling the passion fruit vines from all over the yard. Aren't the flowers pretty? They are so invasive though and they take over the whole yard. I just bought the wire cloche from here (I am in FL again) so I was just playing with it.
The long awaited Fall Cloche party is finally here. How exciting! Marty of is graciously hosting the Cloche Party so come one and come all and check out all of her participants' posts.

I will start with this one that I bought from a garden shop. I love the bird on top.
I decided to display my lovey dovey figure in there cause it fits perfectly. I think what they are wearing will pass for a fall color right? Hmmm, maybe not the hearts that I added, but they are in love and I just had to add them.

Remember the small dotted clotche that I bought from Florida? I had to put a pink (not too much of a fall color) mini tea set. But it matches the pink dots! Don't you think the tiny little dishes are cute though?
Ok, ok, I have to start abiding by the rules now. Here is a fall display in my blue dotted cloche.

Boo!!!! I don't think the little girl is scared. She is still smiling.

Here she is sitting in our game room portion of the family room.

Here's another one in our book shelf. It was very hard to take a picture of this because of the etchings on the glass.

Well, I tried my very best!

Now, let's go outside by the pool side. This one's really tiny.

I told you it is tiny. Do you spot it in front of the wire cloche?

I am running out of time cause I have to post this in advance since I am going out of town. So, I made the wire cloche very simple, with just a Halloween candle inside it. That was what it was orginally made for anyway.

Thank you so much, Marty for hosting this wonderful party. I really enjoyed doing all these creations. I could have created more since I have more cloches available in the house but I am really out of time so until next time! Thank you all for coming!

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