Sunday, September 26, 2010

Met on Items For the Store

Here is the latest Magnolia oil painting I just did. I did not take a picture of a blank canvas but I am sure you all know how it looks like.

I cannot believe it's another week again. Time sure flies when we are having fun, isn't it? And I am really having a lot of fun. It has been so busy for me doing oil paints and refinishing items to make them look more presentable so I can sell them in the store. The store has been doing very well. The store keeper/landlady said I am neck to neck with another lady when it comes to top sales. Really not bad for just a month since I opened huh? And she said there are a few ladies who come almost every 2 days just to check if I brought anything new. She said they go straight to my store but she is happy about that because after they are done with mine, they do walk around the other booths too, so my store brings them in but everybody else benefits. That sure makes me feel good.
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I bought this table from the vendor on the other side of the wall for $18. The US map, only 3/4 of it, was glued on the top. You might think it is still too much for $18 but I like the fact that it has a shelf underneath so I can use it to display more items in the store and do a vignette on top.
As soon as I got home, I pulled the map out.

John said there was no way I could take all the glue and paper out and he suggested I throw and soak the table in the swimming pool, lol. Can you imagine what that would do to the wood? ROFL! He must not know the reason we use coasters to put our glasses with drinks on the table.

Of course, I did not take his advice. Instead, I pulled and pulled and sanded and sanded until I got all the paper and glue out. I had to lay a wet towel on it for the most stubborn glue and paper to come off.

Success, finally!

I painted it with more yellow.

and then distressed it a little, just copying what I have read on the blog and here is how it looked finished. I like it and it is in the store now, holding some items for sale.

I bought this milk glass lamp from a charity second hand store here, called St. Andrews. I forgot to take a picture before I cleaned the bottom part but it was almost black, very filthy.

I thought the lamp is really cute with the hobnail base.

It was marked $2.50 but when I went to pay, the lady said everything is 50% off until Friday so I got it for $1.25.

I have to tell you that every lamp that I take to the store have sold. Last week I decided to sell the pair that was in our family room. I got them on Ebay about a year or 2 ago but they did not match our decor there. John was carrying them in and they did not even make it to my room. They were sold before we could even lay them down, lol.

Anyway, I painted the wood part a cream color and distressed it and spray painted the gold part with black, cleaned the globe and this is how it turned out. I tagged it $12 and delivered it to the store last Wednesday. We went back to the store on Saturday and it was sold. It makes me wonder if I should have raised the price a little higher, lol.

Yesterday, John said we will go to nearby small towns to go junking. Ahhh, my kind of enjoyable thing to do, lol. But there was nothing in the next 2 towns so we went all the way to Vicksburg. I found lots of goodies there. I will post more about it for this coming Sightseeing Sat. so you can see how charming the town is.

Anyway, I saw this really tarnished antique Victorian Taunton triple silver plated pot. It was brown but I love the lion legs and the etchings and it was 40% off, so we bought it.

This morning, I took out my MAAS metal polish and went to work. I wanted to do it last night but I was exhausted from too much junking, lol.

Look at it now!

I was almost tempted to keep it because as you can see, I have a simlar tea pot with lion legs shown below with it but I think I will just raise the price high enough so it won't sell, lol. And if it does sell, it's ok with me too.

It's funny but as soon as John came home, I showed it to him and he said, "Keep it, don't sell it". We think alike, don't we? Must be because we were born on the same date. But I will keep my original plan.

Look at the close up to see the details.

We bought more items but I will share those with you on Saturday. I really had a great time shopping.
Thanks to our lovely hostesses for giving us a chance to share how we transform and make things more beautiful, and thanks to you all for coming by!


Debby@Just Breathe said...

Nothing like having fun with something that you love. You have made some great purchases and fixed them up to look really nice. Great job.

Kat said...

Love the painting! Congratulations on your success with the store Christine, that is wonderful news. You have a great eye, and are quite the bargain hunter, so I'm not surprised that you are doing so well! Hugs, Kat

Beth said...

You are so talented, Christine! I'm glad your store is doing well. Love your painting and your teapot!
Hugs, Beth

Kendra @ Domestic Princess in Training said...

What a beautiful painting and I LOVE your yellow table. I go ga-ga over yellow! You chose such a pretty shade!

Kendra aka "Domestic Princess in Training"

Barbara Jean said...

hey girl How are you doing?
Not sure I answered your question about shipping doll high chair. It is about 3' tall, and if you want me to check I can take it to one of those postal service places where they wrap it and everything.
Thinking it might now be cheap though.
Red chair is big, and would probably not pack to ship well at all.
I more put the ad for local people, forgetting for a moment that you gals are from all over. =)


barbara jean

Traci said...

The magnolia picture is so pretty. I love the silver too. You did a great job on the table.

Everyone thinks I'm weird for not eating jambalaya!! I like gravy on my rice!

Sarah said...

Beautiful magnolia, Christine. Looks like you are having a great time. The silver coffee pot is stunning. I'd keep it! LOL

Debbiedoos said...

Oh boy so full of goodies here today Christine! You paint too? WOW you are so talented. Loving that little yellow table too, It would be perfect in my house:)! Thanks for joining me this week, can't wait!

Bargain Decorating with Laurie said...

Christine, that painting is beautiful! I am really getting envious of your little store and of your talents to make things sellable. I'm kind of glad I'm not near your store. I'd be buying everything you brought in! laurie

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh wow, your painting is stunning. You really are so talented, and all of your things are fabulous. So glad the store is doing well. Hugs, Marty

EJ said...

Love that plated pot.

Mellow Yellow

Liz said...

Love the painting.

Happy MYM.

Liz @ MLC

aimee said...

beautiful painting! i am so glad you are doing so well :) what a great time you are having.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

Oh wow Christine!
Your painting is gorgeous! And great job on the table and lamp, you sure have been busy!
I bet those ladies are so happy you opened a store, if I lived nearby I would be there all the time too!

Dredd said...

Christine, am really impressed with your painting, wish I could do the same! Ohhh keep your silver coffee pot, it's gorgeous.

all the best/Dredd said...

I am jealous that you are having so much fun! Love the painting, I have an art show in 2 weeks and only have 1 painting done-can't seem to get in the mood.

Marlis said...

Good Morning Christine. I love your make-overs! That table is really a great piece and for $18 and a lot of elbow grease, it sure was worth it. I love what you did with the lamp too. I'm with your husband.. keep the coffee pot!! That is an amazing piece of workmanship.. I love coming to visit, thanks for dropping in with your sweet comment.

Privet and Holly said...

YOU might be one
of the hardest
working ladies in
Blogland : ) !!
You are very creative
and I'm not surprised
that your little store
is a success!
xx Suzanne

Sue said...

Oh, isn't it just so much fun to go junkin' with the hubs? I have a blast w/Mr. S. In fact, we have a trip planned for Friday. I love the magnolia- I knew I'd like it better with no background! And your finds- can I say wowie?! Love the coffee pot after your good cleaning. I need to make time to open a booth somewhere. Trouble is, there are so few really nice places that actually sell nice things. What a dilemma. Maybe it's for the best- I would have such precious few time to devote to it. LOL
~ Sue

Marie said...

Hello Christine! Just stopping by to say "hi" and really admiring your beautiful magnolia painting. I love the bold graphic look!

Blondie's Journal said...

Your oil painting is gorgeous! You are going to have to open a separate art store soon!!

I think everything you bought is fabulous. I am wondering where you bought the metal cleaner. Do you use it on silver? I was given a tea set and it is going to be a big job to clean.

I'm so happy that YOU are happy. Can't wait to see what you bought in Vicksburg!


Together We Save said...

You sure have a talent for finding wonderful things!

Diann said...

Hi Christine!

Well, your painting turned out lovely! And so did the table and lamp. I think you priced the lamp at a very afordable amount and it flew out. That is a great way to bring back repeat customers. The silver pot is gorgeous!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Gorgeous pots!

Optimistic Yellow, have a great week!

Anonymous said...

The painting is beautiful! You are so cute to comment about the before of the canvas too!
I can't believe you got all the paper and glue off of the table either. And without dipping it in the pool!

Sue said...

It is fun to watch your success! Of course you can shop your house for a long time and keep that shop full (of course you will have to shop to replace the things you take from your house too)!

Kathleen said...

This is so much fun, seeing what you buy and sell! I love the silver pot, VERY nice! I am glad you are having fun, Christine! Mike is just the opposite of John. He tells me to sell EVERYTHING!

Nicole ~ said...

Christine, you did a fantastic job on the painting! I wish I had some paiting talent! Speaking of paiting, the yellow table looks so good. You would never have known that map was glued on there at one point.

Have a wonderful week, Nicole

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

Golly Christine -- do you sleep? You're quite a busy lady -- oil painting -- furniture painting -- shopping --- shining silver -- selling in your shop and you still found time to blog and visit me (and leave such a sweet comment)! I love what you've shown us -- I bet you have quite the following for your shop!

Linda (Nina's Nest) said...

Christine, your re-dos are just wonderful! And the silver cleaned up beautifully. How great to have a shop! You are one busy lady! Linda

Farah said...

Your painting is absolutly great, I love to paint but not as perfect as you are, it provokes me to go for painting... really i love it Christine...

Hope you find this post intresting if you pay a visit to my blog..Love

Lynn said...

Love the magnolia painting. Is it possible to say magnolia without a southern accent? Great yellow table, too.
And the teapot? I lust after it!!!!

Gloria said...

Oh, goodness! I agree with John: KEEP IT! It matches the other one so perfectly! I also like how you refurbished the yellow table! Good for you.

Erin said...

First, Your paiting is BEAUTIFUL! I love the colors and the size is wonderful:) You got some great items and the way you have redone them(with the paint and the metal shine) is terrific!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

I'm with John... keep that silver pot! Good Victorian silver is not that easy to find and is actually pricey at times, even if its plate and not sterling. That piece is very, very lovely. I also love your painting, Christine. You are SO talented. Looks like the store is loving you and vice versa!


Sheila :-)

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