Thursday, September 30, 2010

Mostly Orchids

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I have always loved orchids and I would buy them with flowers but after the flowers wither, the plant never blooms again. It's always been that way even when I lived in Florida. So I had about 6 orchid plants near the house that were looking pitiful, losing leaves and all.

Then, I remembered, when we moved from Florida, I had my daughter and her family stay in our house there and left an orchid in the screened in porch. One day I went for a visit, I saw the orchid, not only was it still alive, it was blooming. My daughter never watered it, not a single time cause she does not do that, lol.

I came up with the conclusion that they do not like me to take care of them and they just want to be left alone. And that's exactly what I did. I moved 5 orchids in the gazebo and just left them there.

Look what happened! They are all blooming, lol!

Aren't they just the prettiest flowers?

Since they are tropical plants, I will bring them in during the cold winter months but I will put them back in the gazebo in the spring but right now, they are still doing fine in there.

This hot pepper plant is not in the gazebo but I just wanted to show you all the peppers coming out. Looks like it is a late bloomer.

These lantanas are planted in the front corner of the garage. I took pictures when I saw 2 butterflies just flying around and then resting on the flowers.

Now, back to the gazebo. The store finally had trumpet vines and they called to tell me so I bought 2 of them and planted them so they can climb the gazebo. They are evergreens so they will be fine during the winter. Aren't the orange flowers pretty?

I hope they don't compete with the star jasmines. I have 4 of them climbing there too. They died last year because we had a really bad winter but they came back and they are just starting to bloom.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the flowers still blooming in our gardens. Let's all see the other beauties out there and visit Glenda, Claudia and their participants.

Thank you all for coming by.


Sarah said...

Beautiful, Christine. I like to have an orchid in the house because it lasts for a long time. ~ Sarah

Debby@Just Breathe said...

I did enjoy this post. The orchids are beautiful.
I can't believe that the one thrived and was never watered. Do you water yours at all? I know you have humidity, is that all they need? I killed one here in the house. I love the way the peppers grow, that's different.

Anonymous said...

I've heard orchids are hard to grow, so I've never tried them even though I find them very pretty.

My mom is like you when she tries to grow succulents. Since they are plants, her reasoning is they need water, but it took years for me to convince her to stop watering them because that was the problem.

May have to try your orchids some day since you don't have to water them too much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine! Your flowers are so lovely and it makes me think of summer not fall! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Debbiedoos said...

You sure have a green thumb there Christine...they are super healthy and so pretty!

Larry said...

I've enjoyed your orchid photos immensely! L

deb said...

Just gorgeous!! I have one I ignore's doing well ;)

BernieH said...

Well you've definitely found the answer ... your Orchids are stunning!

aimee said...

its all so beautiful and so healthy! i can just imagine how fragrant it all must be.

Anonymous said...

Oh my you have a way with Orchids Christine!! They are such a gorgeous plant and flower but I have always heard they are very finicky plants so have stayed clear of them!

Photos are so pretty!

Darla said...

I love to see Orchids but have never tried to grow them. A plant that wants to be left alone is right up my alley! All of your blooms are lovely.

Lynn said...

How fun Christine! I've never had luck with orchids either, glad you found the secret!

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

I love orchids. Yours are just beautiful. Love the last shot.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Great photos, Christine. Do you have a new camera. You shots are so crisp and clear.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers.
Enjoy your weekend.

Traci said...

The Orchids are so pretty! How funny that they don't want to be taken care of! My Lantana's are blooming too. They're beautiful right now. It seems like everytime I look out the window there's a butterfly or hummingbird hanging out amongst them.

Thanks for visiting & your sweet comments about my dining room. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Red Door!!!

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

How pretty girl..I killed the last one I had...Maybe I did water it too much..Your photos are beautiful girl...Hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Entertaining Women said...

I find so much symbolism in the journey of an orchid. The name of my daughter's new CD is "Orchid." I hope that you'll check out her music at Thank you for sharing the photos of your magnificent flowers. Cherry Kay

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Checking in from my break, Christine, and I have to laugh because I murder orchids, too. LOL! It's funny, some plants really do like to do their own thing, and orchids are one of those plants. Bromeliads, too.

Hope all is well with you and John and the new shop. I'm very behind in everything from housework to blogging, but I hope to be blogging again in a week or so.


Sheila :-)

SandwichINK Real Estate Info said...

WOW! Who knew! Gorgeous flowers AND low maintenance! Unlike my senior mom, that's my FAVORITE kind of gardening - and orchids! WOW! I'll have to give them a try again someday. Thank you :)

C'est moi Claudette said...

I've never attempted to grow orchids. Not sure they would survive here in Eastern Ontario. Interesting that some of your beauties are just starting to bloom. Beauties on Friday Finding Beauty Christine.
Love Claudie

Unknown said...

Hi my dear friend your orchid are so beautiful! Lucky you!
Take a look to my Orchid Festival!


Karen said...

The orchids are just the prettiest things I have ever seen. And to think they like to be left alone; wow, I might be able to grow orchids...but not as well as you do! Thank you!

eileeninmd said...

Gorgeous flowers, Christine! I love the orchids, trumpet vine and the star jasmine is my favorite. Have a great weekend.

Beth said...

Christine, Your orchids are fabulous! Love the jasmine too - they smell heavenly - we have some in our garden too but we have to take them in for the winter.
Hugs, Beth

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