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We came back from a Caribbean cruise last Friday with over 40 family members. That's right, over 40, which includes my mom, my 2 brothers and 2 sisters and all their spouses and children except for one, and all their children except for 3 who are in College, so they could not make it. My mom had a great time seeing all of her children, all her grandchildren but one, and all her great grandchildren but 3.
We sailed from the port of Miami so I will share pictures of Miami with you today for Sightseeing Saturday.
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John and I rented a car and with my mom, we drove to Lake Worth to visit John's daughter, Kerri and her family. I have to keep reminding myself that this is south Florida that is why the grass is so lush and all the plants are so healthy. I was so jealous of her papaya tree. Just look at all those fruits!

And for my Pink Sat. contribution, I have to show you Kerri's daughter Zoe's bedroom. It's like Cinderella's coach and it's all pink. Do you see her Persian rug? We gave that to her when they came to visit us in Mississippi. I think it really looks good in that room.
Kerri made the ribbon rack. Isn't it pretty? And it's pink!

We went to Vizcaya to tour it but we were just in the grounds on our way to the ticket counter when my mom's walker (she was sitting on it because she did not want to walk anymore while my nephew pushed her), and the walker tipped over along with my mom when it hit a bump on the pavement. Ouch! Her old wound in the head hit the ground, opened up again and started bleeding so we decided to go back to the hotel. Luckily, she was no longer on blood thinners so it quit bleeding a few minutes after we got to the hotel. John just had to apply a bandage and she was fine.

Before we left, my niece and I asked permission to go in the cafe because we wanted to buy a drink for ma and while walking towards there, I started taking pictures of the grand building and it's amazing surroundings.

There's Stephanie, my niece.

Look at that beautiful blue water!

and the blue sky and the gorgeous building!

After the cruise, we embarked in Miami again. Kerri picked us up and took us to South Beach.

We drove around Miami's Art Deco area.

Then we walked along Lincoln Avenue where a pretty Christmas tree is displayed along side a menorah that is made out of shells.

Look at the doves on the tree?

And in the area where the Christmas tree and menorah are, there were so many parrots on the palm trees and so many flying around too. They were so noisy chirping non stop.

We had lunch at Pasha's. Notice all the blue chairs and umbrellas.
I just love the orchids growing on the trunk of the palm trees.

This is Versace's mansion. It was on those front steps where he was shot to death.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Miami and South Beach. I will show you more of the cruise next Saturday and the ports on the following Saturdays. Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks to Beverly and Sally for hosting the memes.
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