Monday, December 20, 2010

A Tribute to Calvin

Calvin is Tina and Scott's dog.
He kept her company when she bought her first house, even before she got married. Tina felt safe living alone in the house because she had Calvin.

He was in the church when they got married.

Look how happy Calvin was for the newlyweds! See that big smile in his face?

He took Christmas pictures with them even before the baby boys were born.

He even took Christmas pictures with us. He was such a good dog that he was loved by all of us.

I even painted a picture of him one Christmas to give to Tina and Scott.

And of course he moved with them when they had to move to another city and then to another house to accomodate a growing family.

He was always so good to the boys after they were born. He was always so calm and he never complained no matter what the 2 boys did to him. This photo is so sweet. Brendan fell asleep on Calvin.

He had a very good temperament. Look at AJ's bunny leaning on him. He did not even move after she laid him there.

Welcoming the first baby home.

You can put a hat or a scarf on him and he would never complain. In fact, he never complained about anything.

Even when he was in pain after developing a big tumor in his back leg, he never complained. For the last few years, he could not use his back leg. It would always be suspended when he walked, but he never complained. For the last few months, all he did was lay down because his back leg was just in pain. Scott had to carry him in and out the door when he had to go out to pee.

Last week, Tina and Scott had to make, probably the first worst decision in their lives. They agreed to put Calvin to sleep as the Vet recommended because the tumor was getting so bad. It was always bleeding and Calvin's glands were swollen, meaning the tumor had spread. The veterinarian said that even if he took the tumor out, it would appear in another part of his body and then they will have to face the same dilemma again in another month. It was decided that the vet would come to their house on Friday at 3 PM to put him to sleep. Before the day came, Tina would call me everyday, sad and crying and I just felt so bad.
Friday came and Tina sent the boys with the babysitter to the park. Tina and Scott just stayed under the table petting Calvin before the vet came. The vet was late so they were under the table with him for at least 2 hours, just crying, holding him for the last time and saying goodbye. Finally, the vet came and gave him the first shot. He sent the couple to the bedroom before giving the last dose to stop the heart. I can just imagine the pain they were experiencing while waiting in the bedroom. They were both bawling in there. And then it was over. Our beloved Calvin is gone.

The vet took the body to cremate it.
When the boys came back, Brendan kept telling his mom that the doctor will bring Calvin back after he makes him better.
We love you, Calvin. I know you are happy eating your t bone steak in doggy heaven but we will always miss you. You have always been the best dog ever!
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