Monday, January 24, 2011

Napoleon and Company Demitasse Cups

Hi all! I've been busy all day emptying a china cabinet in the kitchen. I could not believe how much dishes I was able to fit in there. I took pictures and maybe I'll show it for Kim's A + B party. It just seemed impossible but I know for a fact they all came from there.
Anyway, for today I would like to join Marty's tabletop and tea parties. Links will be below.
We're having expresso or capuccino in the living room using my Napoleon and company demitasse cups.
This is our coffee table top in the formal living room.

I have shown this set before but I would really love to know more about it so if any of you have any info, please let me know. We won it at an antique auction for about $37.00, I think.

This is the marking under the cups.

There is a different person pictured on each cup. I am pretty sure one of them is Napoleon but I do not know the other 2. Vanna, maybe you know and you can tell me.

Cornelia, who is frequently a tablescaping guest at Susan's sent me this link where they were selling one cup set for CHF 450 (not sure what that currency is) but she said it is equivalent to pretty much the same in US $, I think.
Sorry, I do not know how to make a short cut of the link. Gloria of Happy to Be sent me the instructions before but it is gone with my crashed old computer. Whoever can tell me how to do it, please email me the instructions.

Here's Napoleon in the foreground. Who is the other guy?

Here is the marking under the cup.

Marking under the saucer

I really love this tray that came with the set.

On the table is also a Sevres compote and a vase with roses. They're dried flowers cause none of my rose plants is producing any fresh flowers yet.

I bought this tutu dancers figurine from Vanna. I love it! Next to it is a lion head sculpted candle.

I placed the candle inside a crown.

This is my under the table shelf top, a Sevres casket, a little bejeweled bunny, my collection of raw semi precious rocks and stones, a peacock figurine, a Meissen bird figure, a small urn with faux roses and a Turkish (I think) chess set my stepdaughter gave her dad. Also, a little tree with amber stones.

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Thanks ladies, for hosting these wonderful memes and thank you all for stopping by!
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