Friday, January 14, 2011

The Vue with a View and Shopping in Natchez

Hi all! It's that time of the week again when we show off some favorites, pinks and go on a little sightseeing.

Today, I will show more of the others than the sightseeing part. We are just going to see a restaurant view here locally in town. An anaesthesiologist took John and me to dinner
and took us to the Vue. Doesn't it have a wonderful view? It is overlooking the Mississippi bridge and river.

And across from it is the Natchez Visitor Center.

bluffs surrounding the river

When we finished eating, this was how the sky looked.

Bluffs here are covered in abundance with kudzu and it is so lush in the summer. I went close to it because at that time, we had a vine that mysteriously climbed our gazebo and I wanted to make sure it wasn't kudzu or it would take over everything. It wasn't!
That's all for sightseeing right now. Now on to the other memes. I hope you get to visit the sweet ladies hosting these parties cause they always have some awesome things to share.

I won a $100 gift certificate on a drawing in an antique shop. You know the kind where you drop your name or card in a fishbowl? My name was picked and the owner called me at home to notify me. So John and I went shopping last weekend. These are all what we bought. Of course, we spent mre than $100 cause it was too embarrassing to just redeem the exact amount.

For the certificate, I picked this pretty snack set for $90.00 and that pretty much took care of my certificate, lol. They were a set of 8

I fell in love with the pink roses and the borders. The shape of the cup is lovely.

John said we can't just buy a $100 worth cause it would be embarasing. Didn't I just say that earlier? So, I spotted this pair of Victorian style lamps. He liked them too so we bought them. They were a little over $100, more than the certificate. I guess it was worth giving away something by the owners to get more, lol.

Look at the pretty details. I am putting the lamps on each side of the fireplace mantel in the living room.

I also bought this set of napkin rings. They have pierced hearts on them and thought they would be perfect for Valentine's Day. They were cheap, I think $3 for the whole set.

The 2 vintage napkins were also $3. I wish they had more.

and this blue glass S & P shakers were $10. And that completes what we got from the antique shop.

We also stopped in the store where my booth is located. I have not been there for a while so I thought I would rearrange a little. I found out that some of John's employees already have been there to redeem their Christmas gift certificates too. Most of them bought plate chargers and some jars.

My usual routine after I finish rearranging my booth is browsing throughout the other vendors' booths and see if they brought in anything new. I found these set of goblets for $5. I love the embossed grapes on them.
I also bought these set of painted wine glasses. I thought they would be perfect for a spring and summer garden tablescaping. They were also $5 for the set.

I also bought this little tin planter or container for 50 cents. The candles are not included. I just placed them in there to make room on the table for the stuff that I bought. We also bought a narrow wooden bench with a country or cottagey look. It's still in the trunk of my vehicle and it's cold so we haven't brought it in. I am thinking of putting it in the kitchen bathroom with access to the pool, alongside the narrow wall. It would be handy when dressing up little kids or just a place to put a change of clothes or extra towels. I only spent a little over $30 from the other booths. Even John was surprised. Since we were already downtown, John said we should stop by the jewelry store owned by one of his patients. I guess he has been inviting him. Then before entering the store, John warned me that I better buy something cause he did not want to be embarrassed of leaving the store empty handed. LOL! Does he really think that he has to twist my arm into buying anything from a jewelry store?

I spotted this pearl and onyx necklace that I liked so we bought it. I also bought 2 gift items but I cannot post them because I don't like the recipients to see them. One is for my daughter's birthday coming at the end of the month and one is for a friend. Oh, we also bought 2 gold coin pendants for future presents for our 2 granddaughters. I am saving them for their birthdays. We spent over $300 there so they should be happy, right? Plus I made a wish list for John to get for coming special occasions.

I am always happy when I go out shopping especially if I find some treasures.

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I appreciate you all gracious ladies for having these parties and inviting us all. Thank you!
And thank you all for coming by. I always appreciate your visits too! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!
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