Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Party, This Time It Is After New Year

I mentioned earlier that I was preparing for another party. This time, I set the buffet in the formal dining room.

Before the year ended, I got a call from a Filipina whom I have never met, inviting us to go to their house for dinner on New Year's eve.
Next month, it will be 4 years since we moved from Florida and I have only met 1 Filipino family 2 years ago (that's right, we have lived here 2 years before I even met the first one). Then, I met another one a few months ago in a restaurant and she was the one who told the one who invited us about me. Anyway, we went to the party and we met more Filipino families there. There are only 5 Filipino families here that I know of and I invited them to come to the house after new year, thus, this party happens.

John also invited a friend, a doctor who works in the emergency room and I invited my good friend, Debjani too.

I prepared all Filipino dishes and desserts.

The crab omelette is very popular. I have not had a guest who did not like it. Next time, I have to remember to cook a bigger piece cause it's always the first one to go. The eggplant dish is more like a stuffed eggplant rather than an omelette.

Grilled Milkfish

Fruit Salad
Mango Salsa, which is really good to eat with the fish. I also served Turkey Noodle soup which is inside the soup tureen.

Macaroons, chocolates and flan.

The tea set but I served coffee instead. I used the same tea set on our party before New Year.

I got the idea of the napkin display from "The Entertaining Women" except hers was a lot prettier. Thanks, CherryKay! It was a hit because guests were taking close up pictures of it

I used Baroque silver flatware and I thought Johnson Brothers' Friendly Village set of dishes would be appropriate for the cold weather even if we did not have snow. Besides, I have a lot of dinner plates and a big set in this pattern so it was a perfect choice for the buffet.

Here's an overview of the whole table.

We all had a good time. Aside from enjoying so much food, we mingled and had fun getting acquainted with each other and then we all did karaoke. I knew they would enjoy that because most Filipinos love to sing.

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Thank you so much for your visits and special thanks to our gracious hostesses.
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