Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rearranging Mama's Bedroom and Its New Floors

My mom is 93 years old and she rotates among us 5 brothers and sisters in 4 states, but more often among us 3 sisters. She is with my sister in IL right now but when she is here, this is the bedroom I designated for her.

It used to be carpeted. Before she left in August, her toilet overflowed and by the time we discovered it, the water had already seeped through the walls and damaged the hardwood floors in the hallway and also some carpeted areas including this, her bedroom. We moved all of the furniture from her bedroom into the other 2 guest rooms and her bathroom to prepare for the floor installation.

I had an overnight guest laast night, my ex co worker and her daughter, who would need the guest rooms so I asked the floor guy to do ma's floors first so I can move back the furniture to get the other guest rooms ready for our guests.

Finally this morning, it was finished. I hurriedly put it back together and cleared the other 2 bedrooms of the extra stuff.

The bedroom floor did not get done until 11:30 AM and our guests arrived before 2 PM. So you can just imagine me and the floor guy moving really fast, cleaning, making the bed and putting this room together and getting the other 2 rooms ready for the guests, but we got it done. I saw this opportunity to move furniture around. The bed used to be on the left wall, now it's between the 2 windows, and I moved the armoire on the far right wall.

Carpet is gone and has been replaced by redwood oak hardwood floors. We have a alligator covered trunk that goes in front of the bed but we did not move it back there. I sent for my mom and dad's larger antique woodcarved cedar chest from the Philippines and it just arrived yesterday, so I think I will put that instead but it still needs to be cleaned. The hinges got messed up during transit also so it needs to be repaired first. It was a wedding gift to them by a politician. If my father is still alive, they would have been married for 75 years now.

I also moved the leather chair and ottoman to the left wall. It used to be between the windows where the bed is now.

I left the Norman Rockwell "Mother and Daughter" plates on that wall.

I placed this double hobnail hurricane lamp and moved the little bunny painting and the peacock with feather balls to the top of the armoire.

This is where I do my sewing. My mom always enjoy the company, except I can never get done because she keeps asking me questions, lol. I also like to hang religious items here because she is very religious. She is always touching them and making the sign of the cross.

There's the door to ma's bathroom, where all the problem started. Although there must have been 2 inches of water in there, the tile was not damaged at all.

The big picture on the left table was my mom at 18.

I moved the big bunny oil painting here too.

There is still a lot of work to be done but I feel so much better seeing one room completed. The back hallway is almost done and the big hallway with adjoining bathroom and closet is half done. We are having second thoughts, whether or not, to replace the carpet in the home office. We have all the wood but it will be so much work moving the heavy wall unit, file cabinets and disconnecting 2 big desktop computers, printer and a TV. The carpet does not really look bad at all and it matches the one in the master bedroom that adjoins the room. What do you all think?

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