Friday, December 2, 2011

Tina's Baby Shower

After spending 6 days in FL to spend Thanksgiving with the kids and then host 2 baby showers in 2 days for 2 daughters, I am back home. No, not to relax but to take care of the floors. The hardwood floors were delivered today but that's another story. I already shared Rochelle's baby shower early this week so today, I want to share the surprise baby shower Rochelle and I gave for Tina. We had it at Rochelle's house.

As soon we got home from the park for Rochelle's shower and after putting the baby gifts away, we started decorating for Tina's shower and rolling and wrapping the egg rolls. Luckily, Tina went out with her HS friends or she might have hung out with us, which would have prevented us from decorating. They also stayed with Scott's parents while I stayed with Rochelle. You see, Tina's was planned to be a total surprise and I am glad nobody slipped, especially because most of the guests were also at Rochelle's baby shower the day before.

Isn't that a pretty lake view from Rochelle and Derek's kitchen? It is the same view from the babies' nursery upstairs.

We told the guests to be there by 11 AM (we were serving brunch) and instructed Scott to bring Tina at 11:30 AM, no sooner but no later.

Derek, Rochelle's hubby, went outside pretending to pull out weeds and when he spotted their vehicle, he immediately told us, so we were all ready.

Tina was stunned when she entered the house and saw a lot of people yelling "Surprise"

She said for a while there it did not register, but after realizing what the party was for, she started crying.
Notice the baby enjoying all the commotion.

It took a while before Tina could compose herself. She really had no idea, she did not even

put any makeup on, lol. She was really touched and called later to tell us that she felt really loved. It wasn't easy to keep it from her because before the parties, both of them were pulling me to go grocery shopping with them. Needless to say, Tina won because Rochelle could not say why she needed me to go with her.

We thought we prepared so much food but would you believe that everything was gone so fast? We served bacon, ham and crab omelets, quiche, deviled eggs, egg rolls, hash brown casserole, mini cinnamon buns, rice, veggie and fruit trays, mimosa and coffee and a cake. Rochelle had to make another batch of ham and crab omelets (3 more of each) and my daughter in law, Becky, made one more potato casserole and it was a big pan of casserole (do you see it). All those were gone too. We had almost 100 eggrolls and they were gone too. I think we had about 30 to 35 guests.

The gifts.

Party favors.

This is Tina's younger baby. Can you believe that he will be a big brother soon? Poor baby must have been thirsty and nobody was paying attention to him, so he dragged his diaper bag to give to Tina so she can give him something to drink, lol.

Opening of gifts. I gave the Christmas outfit among other things and told her she better have the baby before Christmas but not before my scheduled flight to go there. She only has a little window, lol.

Some of the younger guests.

Proud Parents to be for the third time.

Cousins, mostly from out of town as far as Washington DC.

My last picture with only 3 grandchildren. By next month, they will double. AJ is Rochelle's and the 2 brothers are Tina's. Now she is expecting a baby girl and we are all so excited.

Some of the guests!

Twins must run in the family. The 2 twin toddlers are Rochelle and Tina's cousin's babies. Now Rochelle is carrying twins. I have a niece in the Philippines who just gave birth to twins 3 months ago.

Aren't these pink outfits just adorable? My niece gave Tina one and Rochelle 2. We call the babies triplets because they are so close together.

Tina is back home too. She and her family live about 2 and a half hrs. away from Rochelle. She texted me these photos today. She said her baby's closet is already full and she still has so many to put away. Unfortunately, her mom is not with her to help.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all these celebrations. Thank you all for coming.

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