Saturday, November 15, 2014

Old Everyday Fall Dishes

 I have been staying in Florida because my 2 and half year old granddaughter Rea has been undergoing treatment for cancer. In 7 months, I must have been home only for a total of 5 weeks in 2 trips. But I am happy to say that Rea is free of cancer now and is doing very well and we are so thankful. Here is Rea playing with her twin sister Halle, about 3 weeks post her auto stem cell transplant. She is not done with treatment though but they are mostly preventative right now, to prevent relapse. She starts radiation on Monday for a total of 12 days. Please continue to pray for her and I will be forever thankful.
Anyway, this post was one of our quiet dinners while I was home in Natchez. It was just one of our regular meals using some of our everyday dishes.

Do you see those blue Kalorik electronic gravity salt and pepper shakers? All you have to do is turn them over and they sprinkle the salt or pepper. No need to turn anything. DH loves them.

I bought these plates and bowls from the Dollar Store in Florida, before we even moved to Natchez about 8 years ago. They are so sturdy and as much as they are used, no single piece has broken yet. The colors are perfect for Fall.
We just had seared tuna steak and Caesar salad, both John's favorites, and of course, rice.

John likes his tuna rare but I like mine cooked throughout.

And that's our simple dinner with my simple tablescape. Thank you for stopping by and a special thanks to all the hostesses.
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Salmagundi said...

I always enjoy your tablescapes -- no matter how simple. Glad your Granddaughter is doing well. Sally


Rea looks wonderful. She will continue in our prayers.
I love your simple dinner for two.
We have a simple set of everyday we love and I bet they will look good for Fall too, as they go with orange dinner plates. The food sounds perfect. I like my tuna very well cooked too.
Enjoy your weekend.

bj said...

O so thankful to hear she is free of that old cancer. She looks so happy...thankful for the meds, the technology and the doctors..of course, thankful for GOD loving Rea so much.

Susan Newbigging said...

Christine even your everyday table scapes are gorgeous! I will send positive thoughts toward your little granddaughter.

Glenda/MidSouth said...

You may say it is simple, but it is pretty. Bet J. is glad to have you back home for a while.
So glad Rea is doing so well.

Blondie's Journal said...

I am always saying prayers for your dear little Rea. She is so brave. I'm glad that you keep us updated on FB. By the do you pronounce her name?

These are very pretty dishes, I think I remember them from the Dollar Tree. I think all of their dishes are solid now, no patterns. What a bargain they are. I know you have many of your sets in bins, do you have a certain amount nearby to grab for meals? I think it's so nice that you set a pretty table for yourself and John...cloth napkins, candles. And I always want to ask you about your meals (tonight is the night for!). How do you cook your tuna? A sauce? And you have rice with every meal. Just plain? I usually add lemon or olive oil and herbs. You really are a wonderful cook. You should share more recipes (not like you have time!!!).

Love to you my friend!

Janie x

Entertaining Women said...

Each of Rea's smile must be an immeasurable blessing. You simple supper is lovely. I can only imagine how precious the time that you get to be with John must be. Thanks for inviting us for a peek. Cherry Kay

KathyB. said...

Rea is so pretty ad now she is pretty AND cancer-free ! God is so good and I will pray for her continued return to health. Twin sisters having fun together... very sweet.

I like your warm autumn table-setting and the dinner you had sounds so good. Tuna, rice, salad, all part of a meal I would eat any day, any time. Still, the best part of this post was the good news about Rea !!!!!

Jojo said...

Christine, I'm months behind on reading blogs so I'm sorry to be late in commenting but I'm so happy that Rea is cancer-free and I will put her continued health on my prayer list. Blessings to all of your family.

Jane said...

Lovely fall setting! You have such a colorful life!

Marigene said...

Christine, it is so good to see that big smile of Rea's...hope her next round of treatment makes sure the cancer never comes back.
I love the simplicity of your table...the stemware is very familiar, it goes beautifully with those $store dishes. I am still looking for one more of the aqua in that line. I even check eBay every now and then, but so far no luck.
Have a wonderful week.

Liz@ Infuse With Liz said...

Rea looks great! Isnt it amazing how resilient these young ones are! Your dinner for two looked great! It's wonderful how helpful you've been able to be for your daughter. I know what she's going through and any emotional and physical support is welcome. Take care, Liz

The French Hutch said...

Christine, Wonderful words to hear about your precious granddaughter. I know you wouldn’t be anywhere but with your family, but I also know it’s so hard to be away from home. Love the cozy table setting for your quiet dinner. Great colors in the dinnerware, perfect color for autumn.
Keeping you and your family in thoughts and prayers!

Alycia Nichols said...

Rea is looking like the champ she is!!! It is great to see her happy and laughing! Even MORE great to see her looking healthier!

I have never heard of those electric salt & pepper shakers, but I like the concept!

We're experiencing record low temps (getting down to 8 degrees here tonight), and this place setting and menu sounds and looks like just what could help to warm us up! It's great you haven't lost a dish yet! Those Dollar Store plates are tougher than a lot of people think!

Lmkazmierczak said...

That's terrific news about your grand daughter...normal and simple are not appreciated enough♪

Shelia said...

Hi Christine! So glad to see the sweet happy picture of the twins and am rejoicing with you about little Rea! Bless her little heart. I know she's gone through so much and so glad you could be with her and the family.
Always your table is so pretty! and it's always so nice to hear from you.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Sarah said...

Christine, any table you set, simple or elaborate, is going to be lovely. ;-)

Linda @ Life and Linda said...

Even with dollar store plates, you have managed to set a lovely table. I am so sorry to hear Rea had cancer, but I am relieved to know she is cancer free now. She must be a very strong little girl. Bless her and your family.

Parsimonious Perfection said...

Rea's spirit certainly shows in these pictures, so glad she is improving! Although your setting is informal, it looks like a warm, inviting place to converse and eat!

lorik said...

Love the warmth and ambience:)

Poppy @ With a Dash of Color said...

Rea has an adorable smile! I'm so happy she is doing well and pray she continues to improve. Your tablescapes are always so pretty with beautiful collection of dishes:) The colors in this tablesetting is beautiful, warm and the Dollar Tree dishes:) Gotta love that electronic salt and pepper shaker! Happy Thanksgiving~hugs, Poppy

Christine Graves said...

Rea' cute! And I would love that dinner menu! Hubby is not a seafood eater so I would have to send him out with his friends or tell him it's PB & J night for

Gorgeous table and the lighting adds just the right touch.

The Charm of Home said...

God bless your sweet little Rea. Hugs and prayers for her. Your home is beautiful! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family!

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