Saturday, November 1, 2014

Sushi Dinner at Home

I am only home in Natchez for 3 weeks while being away pretty much all summer, so I tried to cook a nice variety of dinners every night for John since he hardly eats home cooked meals when I am gone. One night, we had sushi and miso soup. I found some dried squid in the cupboard and I served them too. John loves them and asked where I got them from.
Oh BTW, did you notice the fireplace mantel in the kitchen? It used to be brown and I painted it using Annie Sloan's chalk paint "Cream" color. It has a very slight very pale yellow tinge.

I used a plain square (or is that more like a trapezoid?) white ceramic plate chargers under the sushi plates and saucer.

Japanese warriors I pulled out of the bookshelves and an orchid borrowed from the family room are perfect for this table.
I have bamboo placemats but I moved them from their original location and I could not remember where. I am having a senior moment:-) Anyway, I saw these weaved ones in the garage and they work well and I like them too.
I just made California rolls.
Embroidered monogrammed napkins.
Chopsticks on a celadon fish chopstick rest.
Napkins and Celedon soup bowls with miso soup.


My ceramic cow is special. She serves soy sauce instead of milk.


Celedon tea set and a Japanese girl figurine I bought from Horchow many years ago.
Asian tea cups are always smaller.
Thank you so much for stopping by. And thank you to the hostesses of these fun memes.

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