Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blue Transferware for First Sunday Favorites

I have a little free time to sort through old posts so I can join Chari's first ever Sunday Favorite meme. What exactly is Sunday Favorites? It's kinda like a Second Chance event, having a second chance to see what you might have missed when they were first posted. I am glad Chari is giving us that opportunity. This is what I came out with today. This was my 3rd post after I started a blog. Gosh! It seems so long ago but it's only been 3 months. Anyway, these plates are in FL but it seems like I might have to move them to MS. b/c my daughter just bought a house so we might have to sell our home there because I hate to see it sitting empty.

So, without further is reposting an old favorite post. Thanks to Chari for hosting this new event. Please visit her at to see more favorite reposts.

I can't believe I lucked out and I am able to participate in Themed Thursdays, hosted by KD of Southern Whimsy. My blue transferware are located in our FL home so when I read about Themed Thursday on Debbie's blog and that the theme for the first one is Blue Transferware, I smiled because I knew I would be able to join. It just so happened that I was in FL then, for my daughter's wedding and so I was able to take pictures. I If you haven't visited KD's blog, you should, at enjoy a very talented decorator's work and enjoy her gorgeous blue transferware collection. Treat yourself by visiting the others who participated as well.

This soup tureen started my Blue Transferware obsession. It looks old but I can't read the label underneath so I can't tell you anything about it. I found it on Ebay.

Then, I started collecting Spode plates. This particular one is a vegetable serving bowl.
Spode Regency Series "May", first introduced in 1826
Spode "Woodman"from Blue Collection first introduced in 1816
Spode Regency Series, "Trophies" first introduced in 1825
This plate is Charles Wysocki's "Americana". The back inscription says, "This ware is dedicated to all Americans who feel the greatness and beauty of this country still mindful for the simple pleasures in life, past and present. I just love the details so please click on it for you to see.
Old English Staffordshire, "Home of Mary"
This platter is quite large, about 18 inches long. We use it to serve the turkey on Thanksgiving dinner.
Just look at the details. It has a winter scene bordered by different fruits.
I found this set at Ross (set of 4 place service), pretty inexpensive, and I just bought them to add to the collection.
These Dutch cream and sugar server and a pair of candlesticks holder were purchased from the Caribbean Dutch colony of St. Maarten.
Avon Bicentennial plates.... "Liberty Bell" on the left and "Independence Hall" on the right. I am attached to these plates because I lived in Philadelphia for the first 2 years of my immigration to the US.
I even added blue and whites to the wall. Even my granddaughter is wearing blue in her pictures.

a German jam jarI found this set of serving dishes at Big Lots. They come in handy when I am serving buffet. Aren't they pretty?

Blue Willow mortar and pestle and a gravy server.

a set of Blue Willow platters

These are the only blue and white items kept in our MS home. My hubby likes using them

for soup. mini Blue Willow soup spoons

Lovely dessert bowls, one of my favoritesAren't they just the prettiest things?

This concludes the blue collection tour. I bought his mirror while shopping in St. Augustine, FL. a few years ago. It's hanging above the buffet in the dining room. It's a Mexican tile mirror and I thought it will blend in well with the blue and white dishes. Do you see the 2 framed blue and white tiles reflected in the mirror?

I hope you enjoyed the collection. To see more, please go to Southern Whimsy's post at

Thank you so much, KD, for hosting this event.

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