Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mini To Full Library and Blue Bronze Grandkids: A Double Post

Another week has gone by and it's Monday again. You all know what that means: Met and Blue Monday!
Met Monday is hosted by the very talented Susan of . Make sure you visit her and check out everybody's "befores and afters".

I know most of you have seen this hallway which we converted to a mini library not too long ago. Well, dh and I weren't satisfied with a mini library. We wanted a full one.

We found this bookshelves in an antique store downtown. We both fell in love with, of all things, the ladder, LOL! We thought it was really cool! The shelves are made out of solid oak and finished in mahogany. It solid wood and very heavy. I felt so bad for the 2 guys who delivered and set it up.

When we saw it, we kept thinking about where we can put it. I know it will fit in either my mom's bedroom wall (if I moved her bed again) or in our guest room for my grandkids. But then, a spark came through my head and I thought maybe it will fit in this wall. The one minding the store said someone was interested in the same furniture and went home to measure but they did not leave a deposit. We immediately measured it, went home to measure the wall and were so happy because it fit there perfectly with an inch clearance from the molding on top. Perfect! So we hurriedly drove back to the store and bought it and here it is now!

I know it is originally a hallway and not a room so it's narrow but it does not matter because we can go to the office to sit and read or even to the family room.
Yep! I have been busy filling it up with stuff (and boy, do I have stuff!) since we got back from vacation.
Isn't the ladder neat? When not in use, I store it at the end of the bookshelf.
And look! It has pull out desks on both sides.
This hall is leading to my mom's bedroom and bathroom and to another hallway leading to 2 guest rooms and a bathroom.
The bottom cabinet is perfect as a storage for my tablecloths, napkins and placemats! I used to store them in the foyer chest so now, I freed up that space and used it to store plate chargers, flatware sets, napkin rings and place card holders. I just love being organized.
A closer look!
Right across the bookshelves is the entry to the office and to the right of that entry is a powder room.
In case you are wondering where I moved the settee that used to be in that wall, well, here it is now in the home office.

Notice the bird on the feeder outside?
I hope I don't confuse you too much with all my ever changing moves. LOL! Stick around and I will show you just one blue picture and then let's go visit both Susan and Sally, ok?

Blue Monday is sponsored by Sally at Please go visit her and look at all the amazing blues circulating in Blogland.

I just want to show you this bronze figure that we bought in the same store where we got the bookshelves. I fell in love with it when I saw it and I thought I would give it as a present to my step daughter when she has 5 kids (right now, she has only 3 but still wants to keep going). But as soon as we took it home, I realized John and I have 5 grandkids combined, 2 girls and 3 boys. So this is perfect for us and it is staying with us now, lol! Four of the bronze kids' outfits are painted in blue. The base is marble so this item is very heavy.
I hope you enjoyed my double post today. Thanks, Susan and Sally for hosting these fun weekly events.

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