Thursday, April 30, 2009

An Award, What I Won and Meeting Janie and Laurie!

I would like to thank Laura Lu of and Lorna of for presenting me the The Lemonade award which is given to bloggers who show an "Attitude of Gratitude"... that they are happy with their lives under any circumstances! I really appreciate receiving this award especially coming from 2 very special and talented people. You should visit thier blogs so you would know what I mean. Laura Lu is a very talented decorator and artist. You should see the table that she painted. And Lorna, OMG! I cannot imagine anybody having 9 children! I had 3 and I could hardly keep up when they were growing up. Talk about an attitude of gratitude. I am so sure there is a lot of that going on in their household! Please take this award if you have seen me visit your blog because I know that you deserve it! Thanks again, Laura Lu and Lorna. I do display my awards and they are at the bottom of my blog.
This blog is not all about awards. I am so happy and blessed for having so many blogging friends. April is truly my favorite month. I think this month this year was my best birthday ever! Please stick around cause I want to share what I just won and pictures I took meeting 2 beautiful bloggers.
We came home late last night from a fun trip to Chicago and I saw packages both in front of the house and by the garage. I've been busy shopping, LOL! But the most exciting package of them all was the box that I got from Leigh of I was so excited, I could hardly wait to open it, in spite of all the other boxes I had to open and the luggage that I had to unpack.
Just look at all these goodies! Oh Leigh, thank you so much for sending me all these. I LOVE ALL of them! Let's see what I have here...a pretty tote bag with lots of happy bows, a package of beautiful dotted paper napkins, a garden tool set (which I am sure will come in handy since I have lots of projects going on in the garden).

I am so sorry the coffee cup's handle came broken but I am so glad it can be glued and that's exactly what I am going to do cause I just love it. It is just so pretty. Our delivery men are not very careful. Do you see the packets of margarita mix? I can't wait to try them. I also got some wildflower garden seeds, yummy candies, packets of vitamin C booster (I need those too after coming from a hectic trip and the swine flu outbreak).
And look at the beautiful gold picture frame! It will blend so well with my decor at home. Also shown here are books: "The Power of a Positive Wife", hmmm.... John would probably want me to read that first, " Puttin on a Grits, A Guide to Southern Entertaining", Fried Green Tomatoes at The Whistle Stop Cafe", "Better Homes and Gardens Trade Secrets" and a cookbook. I am so excited to start reading them. Since we are new to the south, I can really learn from these books.
I also have a new Lip and Body Balm.

Thanks, Leigh for all these fine items! You are so kind and so generous. I love them all.

I have been dying to tell you about our meeting with Janie and her hubby, Alan in Chicago. Here's Janie, aka Blondie's Journals. Isn't she beautiful? They picked us up from our hotel and then we took a taxi to go to West Town Tavern. Alan could not have picked a better place. The atmosphere was perfect, very quaint and charming.
A lovely and happy sweet couple!
Just look at this charming bar!
And here is the awesome foursome! The food was also delicious. I had white fish, Janie had scallops, Alan had pork and John had pasta. Everything looked good and we all enjoyed what was served to us. We had such a good time eating and conversing. It was like we have known each other forever.
And I could not believe how sneaky Janie could be! My goodness, John and I wondered why the waiter brought 4 saucers right after we ate our meals since we have not even ordered any dessert. And that was followed by 2 sweets with candles. I don't know how Janie did it cause she never left the table and she was right next to me. But let me tell you, the desserts were one of the best that we have ever eaten. They were simply scrumptious!
It was time to go and Janie and Alan took us back to the hotel but we had to take pictures one more time. I didn't want to show you this cause I look pregnant in my coat...LOL, but I just want to show you how close we instantly felt towards one another. John and Alan got along so well too.
Thank you, Janie and Alan, for the wonderful evening. We love you! And remember, you promised to be our guests here someday! And we just want you to know that we just had the best birthday of our lives!
Here's just one more story that I would like to share. I hope you don't mind my long post.
I met Laurie, aka Bargainhunting with Laurie, before I even started blogging. That explains why I have not blogged about this. She and her hubby, Danny were on their way to New Orleans to attend a friend's wedding and they stopped by our little town along the way. We met with them in a bar downtown. And here is Laurie! Isn't she a beauty also?
We couldn't stop talking. We had so much to talk about and yet we just met. Our hubbies could not barge in on our conversation so they just started their own. LOL! Isn't the bar pretty?

Laurie even got to meet my 90 year old mother.
I tried to persuade them to stay longer. I would have loved to have them over at home for breakfast and then take them antique shopping but they were in a hurry. I was still very happy they stopped by to meet us. Laurie, next time you come by again, you have to stay longer, ok?
Just like Janie, it was an instant love affair. Isn't it incredible how warm we feel towards blogging friends? This is true even with bloggers that we have not even met personally. I am so thankful that I discovered Blogland. It surely has expanded my world of friendship.Thanks for stopping by. I am always thankful for that!

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