Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Magnolia as Inspiration and Serving Birds

After today's double anxiety, I am so glad to have Thursday come so I can forget my troubles and start playing. I will do a twofer today, Tablescape Thursday, which is hosted by Susan of and Thrifty Thursday, hosted by Leigh of After we are done here, let's visit these 2 beautiful ladies and their wonderful blogs and then check out posts from all their participants.
My inspiration for this tablescape came from this white vase with magnolia. BTW, this could very well be an entry to Thrifty Thursday too cause it ended up being free. When they picked up the armoire that was delivered broken, they handed me back my full check (was not deposited yet). The dealer said she did not want to lose us as customers so she refunded me the money I paid for the armoire and everything else, I guess to compensate me for our antique angel that the delivery guys broke. I did not want her to do that cause I felt bad but she insisted. This is just a simple setting for 2. We had rice (we have it everyday) and chicken with soup, potatoes and different kinds of veggies. The stemware has a very pale pink band on the rims.
I used our "Cameo Florals" dinnerware with the lace plate chargers. I also used the crocheted table cloth I brought back from Grand Cayman. I really like the tablecloth and it hangs on the table beautifully.
I thought the white duck soup tureen would blend in well because of the lacy pattern on it. I won the ruffly crocheted doiley from Ebay.
We ate on the kitchen dining table by the fireplace and TV (too hot for fire though). You probably notice that I set the table in such a way that we are both facing the TV so we can both watch.

The flatware has a floral design too.
and so do the place card holders.
Hope you enjoyed my simple tablescape.
And now for my Thrifty Thursday contribution. I bought this set of bird servers yesterday at Marshall's in Baton Rouge. Aren't the birds cute? The set costs $3.99. Now, that's thrifty, isn't it? The birds are great for serving sauce and condiments.
Thanks Susan and Leigh, for taking the time to host these 2 fun events.

And thank you all for coming to visit. Hope you enjoyed this double post.

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