Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mississippi River and Update on Yard and Pool

Hi everyone! It's hump day, which means it is Outdoor Wednesday, a fun meme hosted by Susan of http://asoutherndaydreamer.blogspot.com/. Go visit her blog where you can find beautiful outdoor pictures and a list of participants so you can see their gorgeous outdoors too.
For this week, I would like to show you the Mississippi River by us. As you can see, the water is really high. I took this pictures about 2 weeks ago so it's probably lower right now cause it has not rained as much. God is cooperating because He knows we are building a pool and it needs to be dry.
Do you see the sand bags on the left? They are all that's keeping the streets from flooding.
A couple friend of ours took us out to dinner at the casino. We have lived here for almost 3 years and that was the first time we ever stepped foot in there, not to gamble, but to eat at the seafood buffet.

The water got so high that even this alligator floated. Do you see him on the log?
Now, I just want to show you our garden. I was finally able to harvest some tomatoes from the vegetable garden.
The rosemarie, parsley and lettuce are doing very well too.
Does anybody know what these flowers are? They are growing on trees.
Remember this from last week? It is blooming now.
What about these? Do you know what they are? They are growing on a small tree too.
And now the pool update. They installed the pipes and electricity. Do you see the water filter and the pool heater by the side of the house? The men are busy, all 8 of them.
and that's me who looks so tiny compared to the pool....LOL!
I hope you all have a Happy Ourdoor Wednesday! Thanks Susan, for being such a gracious host and thanks all, for coming!


marty39 said...

Wow Christine, the river really is full. It looks like it is really about to overflow. We sure need rain, but none for months. Your garden is looking great, and your tomatoes look delicious. Wish I had some. Hugs, Marty

imjacobsmom said...

Hey Christine, You need to visit us. We have the Headwaters of the Mississippi, right here in Minnesota. At Lake Itasca, you can actually walk across the Mississippi. (AJ would get a kick out of seeing that.) I'm jealous of your Rosemary, I wish that it would grow like that around here. I have to treat it as an annual. Your pool is taking shape. ~ Robyn

Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Happy Outdoor Wednesday Christine! Looks like you have had as much rain as we have had! Oh yum..... seafood.... and on a riverboat!! Your back yard is moving right along!
Thanks for sharing your photos.~ Susan

Kammy said...

HI Christine !
I love your Outdoor Wednesday ! That river is huge for sure ! I love your garden - the flowers are very pretty! I bet you can hardly wait for that pool to be done ! Post pics when it is, k ?
Hugs ~ Kammy

Chandy said...

Wow, that river is awesome! Scary due to the flooding but also wondrous because of its immense capacity to bring life and hold it there as well. Poor crocodile... LOL

Your pool is looking amazing! Are you getting ready to swim with all of us? It's huge, there'll be enough room! ;-)

stefanie said...

happy outdoor wednesday, thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures. hope that alligator doesn't want to come swim in your new pool.

Sares said...

I have always wanted to go on a Mississippi Riverboat, I think it would be so much fun. I can't help you out with the names of the flowers, I'm clueless. Your pool looks like it's going to be huge, with a large deep end. Do you or your Husband dive? Have a happy Wednesday Christine!

mbkatc230 said...

Wow, the river really is high. Love the picture of the alligator! Your flowers are beautiful, but I'm not the person to ask what they are - the green gardner I'm not lol. Your pool is coming along really nicely, can't wait to see it finished. Kathy

Darla said...

Cool river. The flowering trees, they are both Althea or Rose of Sharon, Hibiscus family. The first one is a double and the other is a single. I have these. They are great and can be pruned for whatever shape you desire when dormant. Great big pool! Also easily rooted.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Christine, I don't know the names cause I'm so terrible when it comes to naming flowers :-)

Now, when you said there was an alligator in the picture, I have to c lick it for a better view LoL and there it was! Oh poor thing.

That pool is huge. Wasn't it just a couple of weeks were you were so worried for you plants when the guys started digging? Look at it now! Maybe on next Outdoor Wednesday it's already finished :-) Another place and inspiration to do your tablescapes. Will be waiting for that. :-)

Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

(have to add: I enjoyed looking through your old bridesmaid photos :-) That must have been a fun post when you made it. Memories started pouring in on that day)


KBeau said...

I think both of those flowers may be Rose of Sharon. The top one is a double and the bottom one is a single. Thanks for sharing your outdoor pictures. Can't wait to see the completed pool project.

Tomarie said...

Okay, I must admit the alligator freaked me out a little :-), but the casino boat looked fun!
Your pool is comig right along...and your garedens are lovely! Love ya! L~

Carrie said...

What a great pool! Your flowers are so pretty!!

Yikes-- about the river.

Marie said...

I don't think I've ever seen the MS river but thanks to your photos, I now have an idea. Your pool is enormous...will they have it done in time for this summer?

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

Its been raining a bunch here, but in short spirts. Everything is so lush and green. But floods would scare me!

Flowers lovely....

Pool... Im jealous! that looks like it will be so fun. Keep us updated.


Miss Laura Lu/RMS4291960 said...

Cannot wait to see you actually swimming in it! Gorgeous! laurlau :)

Beth at Aunties said...


The river really is really full! Continue to stay dry... flooding is the worst.

Your swimming pool will be heavenly. Are you extending an open invitation to all your blogging friends? How fun would that be?

The last blossom is of some of my favorite bushes...Rose of Sharon. we ahve five palnted in our yard and the hummingbirds and bees love them!

Mary said...

It looks like real progress is being made with the pool. I'm glad you are having a break from the rain. That river water looks really high already. Blessings.

Joyce said...

The Mississippi looks very high. Now your pool is going to be so much fun. I have my bathing suit on and my bags are packed so I will be there shortly to take the plunge:)

Regina said...

I cant wait to see when its done. Nice shots.

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