Friday, March 5, 2010

Mosaics of Pink, Blue and Yellow at the Florida Aquarium

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The following pictures were all taken when we visited Tampa Aquarium about 2 weeks ago.

A play of pink colors on jellyfish

In addition to fish and sea creatures, the aquarium also had an aviary.

Pink Roseate Spoonbill
Isn't she a pretty pink bird?

Eastern Screech Owl

The baby stingray was so cute!

Shown here is the stingray pond from above. See the blue wall?

Do you spot that gigantic fish? It looks like a bass to me. I took the kids' pictures next to it to show how big it really is.

Sharks, Ducks, more birds, turtles and lobster
The duck had a good reflection on the water even if the water was not clear. See how the back of the turtles have yellow frame?

A bunch of yellow fish here including an eel in a big aquarium.

The tank is so big that they allow divers in it. Kids can even sign up for a diving camp. Look at the huge turtle.

This African penguin was so cute.

Another tank filled with small yellow fish. See all the blues in the picture too?

A closer view
The shop. Lots of tablescaping accessories here. I like the sea animal stems.

After seeing the exhibits inside, we went out into the playground where the kids had a great time too. It's mostly yellow and blue with a little pink.

AJ was zonked out and joined the baby in the stroller.

Posing outside just before we drove away, It was a beautiful day with blue skies.

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Thanks to our lovely hostesses for these wonderful memes.

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