Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Playing On My Daughter's Table Again

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I am going home on Saturday. Inasmuch as I hate to leave my 2 grandsons, I have an obligation to face at home. I am actually nervous of seeing my home after leaving dh for a whole month. I know it will be a disaster and I will have sleepless nights cleaning it all up and getting it back to normal. Then, I have to prepare our income tax return.
But I still have this week here so I get to play one more time on my daughter's table. Luckily, she has 2 sets of dinnerware to indulge me in my tablescaping addiction. I shopped from my luggage, things I bought while shopping here whenever time allowed.

I found this red printed tablecloth from their linen closet. It was too short for the table so I laid it diagonally. My daughter said it would not work because it is printed and I have printed placemats. I told her to believe me, that I know it will work. So, you be the judge, what do you think?

Do you like the flowery dome? I saw it at Homegoods the other night. It was on clearance for $10.00.
I looked at it, put it down, then walked around the aisles, went back to it again and put it down and shopped some more. Before we left, I went back to it again and decided to buy it cause I really like it and for $10, I think it is a good buy.

I bought this bird finial too at the same time. I wish there were 2 but this was the last one. I want to put it on the Fleur de Lis fountain on our porch. Our porch, BTW, was voted #2 of 7 " Porches We Love From Rate My Space" You can read about it at . You have to click next to go to picture #2, which is our back porch with the fountain. I don't go to Rate My Space anymore and it was one of the bloggers actually who told me about it. I like fleur de lis for 2 reasons. It is my elementary and HS school insignia and it is one of Louisiana's icons. LA is only across the bridge from us.
Here is a picture showing more details on the dome. I can use it for serving cupcakes and pastries.

I bought the copper napkin rings from Ross before I left Tampa last week. They were $3.99 for a set of 4 and I got 2 sets.

Don't you just love those raised flowers?

I found these S & P shakers in my daughter and SIL's home office on display. I wondered what the round things on their mouths are and Tina told me they're magnets and they are supposed to be kissing.

Ok, much better!
I took this orchids from another vase in their bathroom and I placed them in this little creamer that matches the plates.

This is my Thrifty Thursday contribution. It is a Vettriano wannabe, lol. When my daughter and son in law bought their house, she fell in love with Vettriano's "Singing Butler" and she wanted to buy the framed print to put on their wall. But it was too expensive for her. She asked if I can paint it. I told her to print it for me and one weekend, I came over here, brought an easel, brushes and oil paints and did it in one day.

It is on their living room wall now, which means that she likes it. It is thrifty since it is free for her. It is even free for me cause I already had the supplies in hand.
I hope you enjoyed my contributions for today. Don't forget to visit our gracious hosts and their participants. I am truly grateful to them for faithfully hosting these events week after week.
Thanks a lot for coming by. Your visits and comments are always appreciated.

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