Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cruising on the Carnival Dream

I am so glad to be able to join Susan for Outdoor Wed.
Before I go on to my cruise post, I just want to show you our blooming tree and camellia bushes. Our guest room for kids have 2 windows. I hardly ever go there unless we have grandkids visiting, but today, John told me to look out from there. To my surprise, I saw the tree full of white flowers in the front yard. I am not sure what it is but I am guessing it is a Bradley pear. It is so funny because I did not know we had one because it is farther from the driveway and we usually just turn left into the driveway. The camellias can be seen from the other window. They sure are pretty and so full of blooms.

Since I am posting a cruise, I am also kinking with Watery Wednesday.

We just returned from a Caribbean cruise last weekend. I will share the places where we went to on my Sightseeing Sat. posts.

I love the hanging bouganvilles. They look so real.
The ship had so many pools and jacuzzi tubs and would you believe that I forgot to pack a swimsuit?

We left from the port of Canaveral in FL.
Taken before we sailed off of Port Canaveral.
The big water slide.

They had smaller ones too for the little kids.

Can you spot me? I'll give you a clue, I am fully dressed.
This was taken from the rear of the ship.

Looking out from our cabin balcony. The sea was pretty rocky the first night.

Isn't that a beautiful sunset? Too bad it went and disappeared so fast.

I hope you enjoyed the watery outdoor pictures. Thanks for coming and many thanks to our gracious hosts for taking the time to host these fun events.

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