Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roosters Meet Penguins in a Jeweltone Setting

It's Thursday again. Yippee! We get to play on our tables. Thanks to Susan of for making this a possibility.

I was quite inspired by the quilt I used for my spring table. I thought it worked very well so when I was about to put this quilt away, which is the quilt I use on the master bed in the winter, I thought I would try to put it on the table first. What do you think? It has very rich colors and it is handmade. I bought it from Rhodes, Greece a few years ago.
The fine china set is in the "Shima" pattern which I bought from Horchow or Neiman Marcus. Because it is Asian in design, I took 2 of my Asian figures from the home office and used them as part of the centerpiece.
Tea set is "Artesian" by Tracy Porter.
See the roosters and the peacocks? I used rooster and peacock S & P shakers, roosters in the centerpiece, pewter peacock napkin rings, red rooster charger plates. I got the ceramic rooster plates from Ebay ($12.99 for a set of 4). I thought that was a good price so I bought 2 sets of red, 2 sets of yellow and 2 sets of multi colored ones (blue, green, yellow and red).

So, Cindy (Applestone), those were part of the packages that I opened when I got home but there were so much more and I will tell you which ones as I post them. I went on an on line shopping spree while in FL, lol. There just wasn't enough for me to do there, in spite of helping take care of the 2 babies.

The flatware that I used are silver plated from International Silver.

The first pic below is the view from the foyer and the one on the right is the view from the mirror.

I borrowed the orchid (faux) from the foyer.

See the Asian figures? I bought them from Horchow a while back, about 2 years ago.

Isn't this a colorful tablescape? LOL! I was just playing, not really using it. I am going to be out of town from Friday to Sunday so I might not be able to respond to your comments. But, I will try to catch up when I get back. You all have a nice week!

Thanks Susan, for such an enjoyable meme.

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